Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lost Time, part II, draft 1

I do believe they are starting to get to me. How could I not notice that it has been a week? They are good, very good, to be able to cloak their temporal manipulations from me. Now two days gone in only a couple of hours, it could not have been more than five or six hours since I wrote that last post.

I should have... I could still remember it then, but all of it is gone now. Whatever happened to the Black-Eyes, and anything else following Ridley's arrival with the girl. She is no longer here with us, I am sure of that much. If what I think has happened is true, then we are danger of a paradox occurring. Ridley's memory does not seem to be affected as mine is, or so he claims. If he attempts to jog my memory of anything that is not already in my previous post well, odd things start to happen. Needless to say that something is preventing me from learning of whatever may have transpired.

What did I leave you all hanging for? Lucifer is bending the temporal stream, he is here now facing off against what I am certain is the he that the Child had been rambling about. There is danger from the dimensional bleeding as well, things are moving far out of control. The first battle has taken place.

Ridley and I had to abandon the house, it has become clear that someway or other it has become a nexus point, the place where various sites with extradimensional properties become connected. I believe this may be Lucifer's doing, in an attempt to keep track of me. Lucifer and he arrived outside and began raising hell. We... honestly I am not quite sure what we were doing... Lucifer noticed our presence but...

Damn, it is starting to slip away again, must be quick. The Child was there, I do recall now, and he was distracted by it, breaking off from his battle with Lucifer to attack the Child. Lucifer and noted our presence there and made a lunge at us. He was displeased with how things had been left between us, and now determined that if I could not be used in his plans then there was no point in keeping me alive. For whatever power he may claim to have though, at the end of the day Lucifer is still, more or less, only human. Ridley brought him down by emptying a round into his chest. On my end I decided that this whole business had gone on long enough and that we should soon be getting to the bottom of this. Lucifer was still conscious and quite furious, so I knocked him out with my cane.
Now I was ready to take care of business, namely sifting through Lucifer's memory to try for some answers. I did not expect his mind to be unguarded but I also knew that Lucufer would not have made more than a half-assed attempt at protecting himself as he would believe I would never be able to get close enough to him to actually use my power. I had just started to actually get through and could see a few things when my concentration was broken.

You see, after shooting Lucifer, Ridley decided to take him on. Unfortunately, the Child did not take particularly kindly to Ridley's presence and tried to take the both of them on. He made an attempt at killing them quickly by just unleashing some kind of bright light. It did absolutely nothing; I am really not sure what it was supposed to be doing; it did, however, succeed in making Ridley quite cross so that he tackled him with a knife. Cutting an eldritch entity with a hunting knife is not a particularly wise course of action as you can probably guess, and he grabbed Ridley and stabbed him with his fingers. Ridley, being himself, naturally did not give up even with his fingers stuck in his chest, and now swiped at his wrist with the knife. Gold 'blood' began pouring from the wound and one could see it begin to dissolve upon coming into contact with Ridley's skin. He looked to be in pain now, but continued stabbing until he realized that his knife had melted, at which point he kicked him off and rolled away to actually try to get the 'blood' off before it ate through him.

He  did not appear very happy about having his precious blood spilt and would have tried something more deadly on Ridley if not for the Child's reappearance. The Child jumped onto his back and there was a darkness upon the area which I recognized all too well by now. I was going to grab Ridley before he did something stupid but then Lucifer pulled himself up. Admittedly, I cursed some as it appeared he was going to attack again, but then something unexpected happened. The Path opened up suddenly behind Lucifer and he, in trying to get away from it, stumbled backwards and fell into the Path, which then closed.

}==The Angel, it... broke? Reality shattered... the Bleeding came through...

}==There is Emptiness

what have you forgotten coronado? something is still missing...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hush My Child

"So, you have been lying to me then, have you? Do not try that act on me again, it shall not work anymore. I should have seen it from the start really, but they planned for that, hmm? They were inside my head the whole time, tainting my thoughts, keeping me from seeing what was really going on. And then there is you. The Children are not capable of the things you can do, are they? Something else I should have seen, I would have realized if my mind had been clear. But I can see it well enough now.

You come from that place, am I right child? Yes, yes, I thought as much. Well it is a great help to us, indeed. If that place is involved, then I now know who it is that is coming after us. It is still puzzling though. Some of the pieces still do not quite fit. You do look just like her, but then if they have been messing with my memories this long, then it is quite easily explained.

It did really happen, I am sure of that much. No, I am sure you know how the Master feels about that incident. He did nothing to save them then, he will do nothing special for us now. Perhaps, perhaps. It would be a perfectly logical action, but logic does not often account for much in this business. Possibly, but it would be best not to discuss this now. It is late, you should be getting to bed. Very well, yes, I shall read you a story first. How about Mr. Lovecraft's 'The Hound'?"


"C'mon dammit, pick up! Boss? Yeah, we might have a problem, I think he knows I'm here. He's just in there talking to himself again. No, no I--- wait, what the fuck was that? Hold on.


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"---there? Carter, dammit, what the fuck just happened? Carter!---"




Tuesday, July 12, 2011


No, not again. dammit, why cna't this
This can't happen. It has to be wrong. 
There's too much I ca't even figure otu what's happneing outside my own mind anymore. Madison, sorry ill figure something out and stop him i won't let itt
god why

So shaken up, boy. Come, why don't you allow me to assist you.

What, how did you get in here? Who are you?

You don't recognize me? Perhaps this will help...

That...  oh god, how does that

Quite simply, dear boy. But come, you've been bumbling about long enough, time for you to rest and let me take over. I can finish what you started. Once you're asleep I can let him out, heheh. Give them some fun for a while.


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, I go off on other business for a few days and what do I find upon my return? Fiona has managed to get herself into a bit of trouble with this 'Rise' character (Rise? honestly?), and now Konaa is staying at her house. How very inappropriate. It seems I cannot take my eye of that child for a minute. This could possibly be an inconvenience and I simply could not allow this to stand.

Konaa was looking for the Ark. Instead, it seems he got a another little run-in with Ridley. Well, almost. The Master appears to have been rather less than amused by Ridley's antics and promptly sent him into a time-out. Ridley, Ridley, Ridley, when will you learn? At any rate, following this little encounter, they headed back to Fiona's house, where I was waiting. While we awaited their return, Dolly requested that I tell her some stories. So I dove into tales about some of the Master's classic victories. The descent into madness of Logan Renault and Damien O'Connor, the blasphemies of Ezekiel Strahm, the eternal chase we allow the man who you know as M. For a more recent wonderful ending, I told her of the fall and death of Zero. Such wonderful stories, each one brings a tear to my eye when I think back to how awesomely the Master is able to use His powers against the blasphemers. Yet somehow she seemed rather less than enthused at such stories, complained that there was not enough blood and death.

I was just about to launch into another story, about one of those idiotic cults that seem to spring up here and there, and about how a whole town of them was wiped out back in the twenties, it is a good one, perhaps I shall tell you all sometime, when finally they returned and arguing rather a bit too loudly as well. From what I could make out Konaa wished to return home and Fiona did not think he was well enough to leave just yet. I am not one to disagree when a wise decision has been made, especially by an enemy and so I interjected that I thought the boy was perfectly alright and should be on his way as soon as possible. They seemed a bit surprised by my presence. I would expect such things out of that blasphemer, but really Fiona, have I not taught you better than that?

Again, clearly I need to be spending less time on my other duties. The Princess still has so much to learn it seems. Konaa was rather visibly irritated with my presence. I had never even met the boy before, yet I felt such an aura of hate towards me; my, and I thought Ridley was the one he disliked. There is something interesting about this one, I would have loved to check out some of his memories, but alas I had not the chance. My powers are rather limited in their nature and I felt to advance upon this one would not be helpful towards the outcome I wished for. I repeated to Fiona that clearly the boy was doing very well and we should respect his wish to leave. Eventually, she agreed and Mr. Konaa was, rather unhappily I think, on his way.

So, with that distraction as well as most others out of the way, I am now free to focus on my business here. I think I will punish Ridley some more, he needs to learn to follow directions and to not stir up trouble around the Princess. It creates needless complications. However, I shall attempt to have you sent someplace else as soon as possible.

Not to Boston. Nowhere near Boston.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nothing exists?

How trite. Fortunately, I place little enough weight on Lucifer's ramblings. But I find myself doubting just how much he was either a traitor or a madman. Depending on how much of what I saw really happened...?

That's not like you, Archangel. Denial. I don't believe for an instant that Eternity actually has that strong a hold over you.

This game has ended. The ceremony took place without a hitch. We gathered at that building, which seemed to be the nexus of some sort of dimensional bleeding. Ridley and his men arrived with Mr. Ross, his sister and the masked man in tow just as Lucifer stepped out of the Other Side with the second Miss Ross. Needless to say that there was a touch of confusion among Mr. Ross and his sister(s) when they all met one another. It didn't last too long though; it seems they've all become quite accustomed to the temporal shenanigans that have been occurring.

Without a hitch? I suppose you consider the priest trying to kill Eternity and, ahem, another party almost taking yours and Ridley's heads to be just business as usual? What am I saying, of course you do.

Lucifer attempted to bargain for returning Miss Ross to us, but Eternity was having none of that. Lucifer became violent and made an attempt at assaulting Eternity, which proved unwise, as Eternity quickly disposed of him. Miss Ross, the time-displaced one, then leapt towards her future self and threw her over the balcony. She was killed instantly.

Certainly doesn't seem that you thought it went as well as you made it sound.

From there the situation only got more out of hand. The formerly-masked man attacked Miss Ross and her brother attempted to restrain him, and through some means or other it seems both of them ended up dead. I was already at the time attempting to seal the bleeding. Lucifer managed to return and made a second attempt at Eternity. The Master stepped in and in his mercy left him alive after removing most of his powers. The building began to shift and something else came of the bleeding and killed Eternity.

If only it were so. At this point, I wouldn't trust anything this bastard says. It was that priest that got involved, but he didn't manage to kill Eternity, whatever that thin white devil may want you to believe. Oh, I got in on the act as well, both of me, though the other one was of course far less sophisticated in his methods. Almost managed to get Ridley's head. I was this damn close. Poor Dave, though. Even I shudder remembering what Slenders did to him. Would have gotten us too, if that priest hadn't managed to pull us out of there. Shit. And Archangel, no matter what bullshit you've had pumped into your head, you didn't do whatever you think you did. I'm not really up on all this dimensional bleeding tomfoolery, but I might be persuaded to be pretty damn sure they actually made you do the opposite of whatever you intended. 

I can't complain because I wouldn't have been here in the first place if you hadn't jacked everything up, but... Actually, no, I think I will complain. It would have been better if this hadn't happened. You actually caused the bleeding. Is it some kind of frigging paradox? I don't know how that crap works, but somehow, whatever you did actually caused the incident two years ago as well. This is just too much shit for me. If I could figure out who it is that's screwing with your memories...

The ceremony was completed, at least, though not without trouble. The Bleeding became more violent the more I tried to seal the breaches. There was            keep keep tellling
go on
There was one moment where it appeared all would be lost, when a breach I had already sealedd9 I ripped open one of the seals to allow the bbledig n to flow m0rr frrelly as i        looekd back algon the time dtream II coudl se myse
wron g story
tha tiwas the one that tried to kill me taht time

It was you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Get out.

Oh? Or what?

You know well enough.

And you know well enough you won't be able to kill me. After what's become of my body, I don't think I fear any man.

The Dark Lord will-

Yes, but he is no man and he will not listen to your orders. Your own powers far surpass those of your pawns but you couldn't fight off that old man. He almost managed to kill you, perhaps I'll try my hand at finishing the job.


Rather frightening. You oughtn't to be wasting your energy with such idle displays, though. But before I kill you, I think I'm curious enough to try to figure out what you're hiding, exactly. Be seeing you.

Didn't even try to catch me? Shame. Have I cracked your hold on the Archangel? I think I'll try another, thanks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear, dear...

Ridley, my friend, time paradoxes are not good things, you know. Should you arrive when I am not around, please do not attempt to go through with the procedure yourself. We would like to avoid a repeat of what happened in... well, nearly every other time something like this has been attempted.

Oh, and watch out when you get to that rest stop, the man in the black mask will be waiting for you. And you want to know why you think he is familiar? You do remember this incident, no? I was attacked by a rather odd gentleman, he returned to the house and wrote on my blog? When you first showed up and when we found Madison. Yes, I do know more, but I do not have to tell you all now do I?

You want a taste? Fine, Lucifer was not real. He was never real. You all recall how the Master skillfully and brilliantly distracted you all with that nonsense about the revenants? That is all Lucifer ever was, a distraction. Albeit for a target a bit more powerful and resourceful than you mortal blasphemers, and one that required a bit of convincing that he was actually fighting what he thought he was. Hence, my capture at the hands of that fool. And perhaps we threw a bit of retconning through the timestream in there as well. It did work rather marvelously, I must admit. Of course he caught on eventually and we did end up having to terminate Lucifer a bit earlier than planned, but alas he was from the beginning but a pawn to be sacrificed, so it was no real loss. The time paradox? No, sorry, no time to explain right now, there is business that we must attend to.

Come along my dear, we are going to go see our good friend Cross. One of our compatriots has fallen by his hand and for that there must be retribution. Oh, I do hope that he is reading this. I know what he is planning and I know where to find him.Yes, yes, come along child, we really should be setting off if we want to reach him in time.

Time. Everything just keeps coming back to time, doesn't it?


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once More...

--ean, what the hell is he talking about? He didn't even leave the Ark the other day. I saw him, he was just sitting up in his room muttering to himself. I don't think he even had a computer with him the whole day.

I think he's losing. We've verified Knuckles' disappearance, it matches what he described, but there hasn't been any overt activity by the Children since then. And they can't behave the way he's talking about.

That is what I have been trying to tell you all for some time. I say we kill him and be done with it.

Of course you want him dead, Eternity, he's the only one who's actually tried to do anything about your activities.

Whatever are you talking about?

Please. Everyone knows about your little side dealings. We just reckon that if the Master leaves you to it, there's no reason for us to give a damn.

Are you questioning my loyalty to the Master?

What I want to know is what are you even doing here? You aren't here for the "Princess" and it's not as though anything else happens here.

You think so? But my business is none of your concern.

I think it is. Archangel's still only here temporarily, I'm the one in charge around here.

So you are. I am just passing through, what of it?

You never just pass through, what are you here for?

I am afraid that I cannot divulge that information. Now if you will excuse me...

No you don't. I'm getting some damn answers for once. Othello, grab him.

Phantasm, this is most unwise.


Bastard. They'll eat you alive for this.