Thursday, May 26, 2011

It began to rain in the Black Forest...

The Sergeant lie in the mud, broken and bleeding. He too had heard the voice in his head.

"You are not one of my children."

He had been told that he was not worthy to be chosen. The Sergeant wept. Why had he been forsaken? Why had this gift not been bestowed upon him as well? He reached out slowly with one arm and attempted to pull himself up, but his legs could not move. He refused to die there, in the rain and the darkness and the trees. If He would not accept him, then he would find a way to hurt Him. There had to be some way to end Him. After all, everything has a weakness.

Doesn't it?

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Again, so sorry for interruptions yesterday. There was some business matters that just could NOT be avoided. Let's get started shall we? This is gonna be another long one...
Now, where were we?

Our brave little toaster soldiers had done away with good ol' doctor Abendroth, and had discovered a strange bone seemingly connected to his recent experiments. Along with this was what appeared to be the doc's journal, which told of his meetings with a creature in the forest. The doctor had been driven mad and in the end he wanted the creature to destroy the world for him.

While the Sergeant was still reading out of the Doc's journal one of the men was still patrolling the lab, making sure to keep an eye out for anything strange. Strange things do tend to crop up on missions like these, don't they? Sadly, recon-guy never saw what hit him. Oh, but he definitely heard what hit him. A mad creature in an SS uniform, screaming like an ape jumped out behind the soldier, throwing his arms around the him and plunging his knife into the guy's neck. He broke the neck and continued hacking at it until he'd detached the head. Would've sat down to a nice little meal if not for the fact that his screaming had of course called the other soldiers over there. Bullet thru the brain, down goes mad nazi (see, I can spell it right when I want to, get off my back).

There were only four men left now, and Sicarius decided they needed to leave before anything else happened. In all the years that he had been dealing with the supernatural, this was something quite different from anything he'd seen before. This place they were in was just... wrong, it should not exist, there seemed to be no natural laws here, only chaos.

"My, but gentlemen, you'll never find the way out of here like that. I won't let you go without me."

Sicarius jumped and turned to see where this voice had come from. It was one of the other Nat-zee dudes. Where he had come in from, it was hard to say as there was only blank stone walls in the direction he was coming from. His uniform was in tatters, though he appeared to be wearing some other kind of uniform in the places where his was especially damaged. There was a bandage around his head, covering his left eye. His right leg was missing and in its place was some form of artificial limb, the likes of which the soldiers had never seen before, it was shiny metal and it moved just as a normal leg would move. Strapped on his back was a rusted old sword, the end of which had broken off, and in his hand he held what looked to be a rifle, but it was no type of rifle that any of them had seen before. He spoke again:

"The darkness gentlemen, children of darkness. There are too many of them, can't fight past them on my own, even with these sorcerous weapons I found here."

Sicarius asked the nazi what had happened to him. The nazi said they needed to hurry, He would be getting close now since the old man had finished his experiment. Sicarius figured the nazi might at least be less dangerous than whatever creature it was that lived in this place. They followed, and the nazi talked.

"We came down here six days ago with orders to kill Dr. Abendroth. Himmler got wind of what the old man was trying to do and wanted it stopped. We found him, tried to take him out, but he said it wasn't Time yet. He did something and the maze shifted, we got separated. I found Erich, dead, something had ripped him open, removed all of his organs. Then I found Friedrich. He looked so old, he started screaming at me, said I was devil come back from the dead, said he'd seen the creature kill me months ago. I only barely escaped before he shot me. I don't know about the others. But that creature, that thing that wears the form of a man, that I've seen. What the doctor tried to control. He was a fool. The beast, it is chaos and death incarnate."

They had been climbing a steep stairway for must've been about twenty minutes. All the Time they could hear noises all around them. First it was the screaming, then there was that strange tekeli li, tekeli lie coming from somewhere they could not place. Then they heard the children. The voices children, yelling at them from out of the darkness as they neared the top of the stairs. When they did reach the top the yelling became angry, the children told them they could not leave, they said that He wanted them here, to play with them. The soldiers continued on, following the nat-zee boy to a large door ahead of them. The children said they would not be leaving, that they would die. Sicarius, out of the corner of his eye, saw things moving in the shadows. Lots of things. Lots of small things. Small and human-shaped things.

He yelled at the nazi soldier, the children were there. He shouldn't have done that. The children were playing, they didn't like it when people found them hiding. The nazi turned swiftly, knowing that it was already too late, and fired into the shadows. Bright bursts of light shot from the barrel of his gun, he yelled at Sicarius and his men to just shoot them, hurry up and shoot them and they might still be able to escape. They did so, but to no avail. One of Sicarius' men disappeared, just disappeared into nowhere. Then one of the men was shot in the chest. They turned and saw another natzee running thru, trying to reach the door and gunning down anything in his way. The first natzee recognized him as Friedrich and tried to catch his attention. Amid all the confusion, Sicarius could hear the rustle of leaves. Leaves. He thought it odd that he should hear leaves in such a place at such a Time as this.

Then he heard the nazi scream. He turned to see Him. The creature. Chaos. Death. Wearing a twisted mockery of the human form, the beast stood nearly twelve feet tall, its arm long and twisted, like the branches of a tree. It wore a suit, a dark suit, so very dark it appeared to take all light from the area. And a tie, red as blood, around its neck. What Sicarius noticed most though was that the creature had no face; where a human's features should be it was just blank, empty. Maybe that's why he didn't immediately see the tentacles coming from the creature's back, grabbing the natzee that had been leadin them out. At least, not until the creature started ripping the natzee apart with those tentacles.
That was what snapped Sicarius out of his daze. The children were gone, at least he thought they were since he couldn't see them around any more. That Friedrich fellow was gone now too, but the Sergeant was still there, and very bewildered looking, he appeared to not really know what was going on. But then, Sicarius didn't either, he just knew they had to get out. He yelled to his last remaining comrade and motioned for the door. The Sergeant also snapped back to reality and the two of them rushed for the big door. Sicarius did not dare look back to see if the creature was following them. Somehow they could still hear the screams of the natzee, though surely he must've been dead already?

They kept running, past the rows and rows of pews, the stain-glassed windows, things which surely were not supposed to be in this very ancient church which appeared on no map. They reached the big door and struggled to get it open. The door was very large and very heavy, but soon enough they were able to pull it open just enough that they could get through. The Sergeant sneaked a glance behind them and gave a yell. The creature was standing only a few feet from them, appearing to have never moved at all, the body-parts of the now certainly very-dead natzee held in its tentacles. The creature was looking at them, he could just tell that it was, even without a face. Sicarius would not allow the creature to ensnare him though; he grabbed the Sergeant and pulled him away from the old church. The creature remained on the other side of the doors, still just standing there, still just staring. The two soldiers took off through the forest.
Sicarius and the Sergeant evenutally had to stop for a rest, though. They had't seen the creature anywhere after they got outside, so they thought it might be safe to stop, at least long enough for them to figure out how to get out of there without running into any Nat-zees. The Sergeant took out his compass, but found that it kept pointing in different directions, at one point the needle even appeared to be attempting ot point straight down. It seemed they would have to have to just start walking and pray for the best. So they started off, keeing an eye out for the creature, for Him, or any other unnatural beings that might be hiding in the forest.

It seemed to Sicarius that they had been walking for a very long Time. The Black Forest is very large of course, but somehow he just didn't feel right about it. He didn't feel as though they were getting anywhere. He made note of a tree with a very unusual shape. Several minutes later, he thought they passed it again; he couldn't be sure so took out his knife and carved a cross into it. Some minutes later they passed the tree with the cross. They were going in circles, though Sicarius knew they couldn't be, they were always heading in a straight line. At least, normally they shouldn't be, but today was very very unusual. The creature had them in a loop, and a very good one it seems, as long as it had taken him to figure it out. The creature could be watching them, it probably was watching them. Or at least keeping them busy until it felt like dealing with them itself. Sicarius knew he'd have to act quickly to get them out of the loop.

There was a gunshot. Sicarius turned to see the Sergeant, his gun raised, the creature several yards off unharmed by the bullet the Sergeant had just attempted to put thru His brain. Assuming it had a brain in its head, of course. The Sergeant fired again, again the creature was unaffected and now the Sergeant was out of bullets. The creature was ignoring the Sergeant though, He passed right by the Sergeant, looking at Sicarius the whole Time. Sicarius was unsure what to do, the guns wouldn't work and he wasn't sure he had any magick that could affect this thing. He had simply never encountered something like this before.

The Sergeant saw that the creature had ignored him, passed right on by without even taking a second to kill him on the way. How DARE this fucking bastard! He'd killed the damn Natzee, and wasn't he worth more than a stupid fucking Natzee? The Sergeant had dropped his knife somewhere during the confusion so he found a good-sized tree branch that had fallen and snapped off the end to make it sharp. He ran at the creature, planning to impale the bastard on the limb; somehow he felt certain that this would kill. He just KNEW that it would. It didn't. The branch went through the creature alright, but He didn't even seem to notice it. The Sergeant grew more enraged, pulled the branch out of the creature and started beating the thing with it. The creature took notice now, but only as a man would acknowledge the fly buzzing around him. The creature unleashed His tentacles on the Sergeant, who dropped the branch and broke into a hysterical laughter. The tentacles grabbed him and merely tossed him over into a tree. Though to be fair, the throw did succeed in breaking several of the Sergeant's ribs, puncturing a lung, causing massive internal bleeding, and some right nasty damage to his spine.

Somehow the Sergeant was still not amused. It didn't matter, he couldn't move now, and it was Sicarius that the creature was interested in. He hadn't even looked away from Sicarius while disposing of that little irritation, just continued looking at Sicarius. Sicarius still didn't know what to do; he couldn't move, it wouldn't matter if he did, there was no way to escape this thing. He knew this was true. There was no way that he could fight this thing for it was Death and Chaos and Eternity; it could never be destroyed. He wondered why this being would possibly bother the affairs of men, for beside Him we are nothing; we are small, insignificant, weak. Imperfect. Truly this being must be perfect.

Sicarius felt humbled. He knew now what he must do, so he bowed before Him. It was only proper that he give proper respct to one so far superior to himself, was it not? Then he heard the voice in his head. A voice horrible, yet soothing, so very much like a voice in a dream yet it held much authority.

"You have chosen wisely, my child. Arise and serve Me, give your life into My service."

Sicarius could not refuse. To do so would be madness. What purpose was there in serving men? It was only in following Him that one would gain power. For He WAS power, and those who stood against Him would be destroyed. Destroyed forever. But for those who stood with Him, they would gain eternity.

He could hear the leaves again. But he knew now. The leaves were good for they were of His world. Sicarius was dead now. In his place was something new, in his place stood a man more complete, a man made more whole. There were others that had been chosen by the Master. It would now be his job to bring this gift to his fellow man, to give these chosen their purpose. He had been like them only moments ago, weak and without purpose. Now he was strong, he was complete. He would help them find the truth.

Well, there we go. Damn, so motherfuckin' long. Story Time with Uncle Ridley is done now chillins, so off to bed wit' ye. Time for all good little boys and girls to get some sleep. And now that that's done with, we'll be getting back to our normal activity. Namely, fucking runners up the ass, scaring small chillin shitless, and tracking down that asshole that shot me in the arm and stole a whole fuckin week from me. Remember, I do this because I love you. I love each and every last one of you. Don't forget that my chillins.

He will rise soon. We await his return.

Y'all stay frosty. We're always watching.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Did I get your attention? I hope so.

Yeah nothing happened. It was not a black-eyed little brat that I saw, just Salem standing there being all creepy and shit. Damn kid, I don't why they let him just wander around wherever it likes. Not exactly normal looking, people might notice. Then again, it's not like I'm one to obey rules so what the fuck ever.

Now, you may be wondering, what does Uncle Ridley have for us tonight? Well gather round chillins, cause it's Uncle Ridley Story Time. Yaaayyyy!!!!

Tonight we gon' go waaaaaaay back, all the way back to good ol' 1940. Pearl Harbor has not yet been bombed so Uncle Sammy ain't yet in the business of killin' Natzees. Not official-like anyhow.

Enter our hero, part of an elite team of American soldiers specially assembled and shipped over to Natzee-land in order to rid it of Natzees. This team is super-duper secret, so secret in fact that they don't even got no name; they just move in, kill Natzees and leave before anyone knows anything has happened. Their mission at the Time of our story? Headin' deep into the Black Forest to capture a Dr. Balthasar von Abendroth. Dr. von Abendroth was a Natzee Mystical Person involved in all kinds of Natzee evil plots and shit. Shut up, I can't be expected to remember all the details.

Our intrepid hero is a young man acting under the codename Sicarius. Though the youngest member of the team, Sicarius was the most skilled and most dangerous of the warriors here assembled. A force to be reckoned with, certainly. After several weeks they had finally managed to track down the location of Dr. von Abendroth's hidden compound: an ancient church deep in the forest, which was not shown on any map. The journey would be perilous, while there should not be many soldiers in the forest, it was possible that von Abendroth would have his own personal guard. But besides this, they had far worse things to fear than simply some crazy Natzees. There were many terrifying and otherworldly things living in the forest.

Sicarius knew this. That was why he was there. Back in the States Sicarius had spent many years fighting against the abominations that sought to end our precious existence. And that was why it was he that was most dangerous, for it would be he that would have to stop von Abendroth's twisted experiments with the occult. But they met no opposition on the way to the hidden base, and so their only problem was with finding the church, which was shown on no map. They had only a general location to go by and that would mean covering quite a large area to find it, and so they were split up into several small groups to cover more ground. After some Time, one of the groups discovered the church and the others were called there. The team assembled, but found that one of the groups had not returned, and they could not be reached by radio. They waited, but they needed to get inside and take care of von Abendroth, and so they entered the church.

Immediately things began to get strange. The church had appeared to be only a very small building, little more than a shack; but upon entering the soldiers found themselves in a vast empty chamber, much much too large to fit inside the tiny building they had just entered. One of the soldiers threw up; he said there was something not right in the air. But they had a mission, and they knew from the start that things would not be easy. They trekked on, going deep into the structure, to where they knew Dr. Balthasar von Abendroth would be waiting. They could just tell in their guts that he would be there, wherever it was they were heading to.

Along the way these valiant warriors encountered many horrible things. Ghosts, apparitions, the screams of phantom victims, or perhaps these were not truly phantom but the real screams of those being subjected to von Abendroth's unholy experimentation. There were grotesque creatures that sneered and laughed at them and tried to grab them for their next meal. But Sicarius had trained his men well and they were able to make it through this twisted circle of hell. Still three of their number were lost: one was killed, the other two vanished into the labyrinth, and all had the feeling that they were being watched constantly.

It seemed like hours, but anon they came to a large wooden door set into a carved stone wall, deep deep within the compound. This was what they had been searching for. The carvings on the wall must have come from some distant, impossible antiquity. Had these their origin in man, or from a Time when man walked the earth at all? Violent scenes of eldritch creatures doing battle with one another were carved into the great, ancient stone wall. The soldiers looked over these scenes and felt unease at one figure that appeared repeatedly and, at the last, appeared the victor of this ancient struggle. Their discomfort sprang from the form of the creature, for it was vaguely that of a man and yet... and yet it was not. It held sinister resemblance to a being described to them in the legends of the local villages.

They had not come to witness these stone carvings, yet they became transfixed. Sicarius snapped himself out of it, he knew what was going on, he knew that these were there to trap them, that if they looked too long and too intently that they would be driven mad. He roused his men from their trance and reminded them of their duty: to open the door. They had brought explosives, which here in this place might do no good had not Sicarius enchanted them, allowing them to break magickal barriers. These were set up on the door, detonated, the door was gone. Sicarius and his  men rushed into the chamber beyond.

Greeting them there, was the form of von Abendroth. He appeared for all the world as a kindly old grandfather type, just a frail old man who could be of no harm to anyone. Yet the smile he wore betrayed evil intent. He had been expecting them, as they knew he would be. It was imperative that they got rid of the old man quickly. They started shooting. The sound of gunshots filled the room, smoke filled the air 'til all was dark. They stopped firing and waited for the air to clear. When it did they could see before them Dr. von Abendroth, bloody and full of bullet holes, but still standing, still that ominous grin across what remained of his face.

"Fools. He is coming. Der Fuehrer cannot control Him. He is going to destroy all of you."

Von Abendroth laughed, he started spewing out blood before collapsing into a heap on the floor. The men were unnerved at this, but Sicarius had heard the ravings of mad wizards before, and that was all von Abendroth was. They began searching the chamber, they needed to figure out what the old man had been working on so that they could destroy it. They would need to use the proper technique for disposing of whatever this was; if they used the wrong thing on it, there could be disastrous results.

Sicarius heard a shout from one of the men. He rushed over to find the Sergeant pointing at a bone. Just a bone, sitting by itself on a worktable over in the corner, with just a note that read The Angel of Death cometh. On a different table nearby were stacks and stacks of papers with von Abendroth's handwriting. Some were neatly written, many were scrawled almost illegibly on the page, and there were various odd letters and symbols which even Sicarius did not recognize. The Sergeant began reading aloud from one of the pages, which appeared to be some kind of journal the doctor had been keeping. It told of his encounter with some creature, some creature that sounded very similar to one they had heard of in the legends of the local villages. He had gone mad trying to tame the creature, trying to capture the creature for Der Fuehrer. He had found a way to summon the creature, he had gone mad and he wanted to end it. The doctor wanted HIM to end it all...

Well, I think that's enough for tonight chillins. You'd all best be gettin' off to bed now. But don't worry, Uncle Ridley promises to be back with the rest of the story tomorrow. Nighty night baby.

Stay frosty. We're always watching.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yo bitchez, guess who's back

It's Ridley baby! Did y'all miss me? I know you did.

So yeah, I kinda went just a little bit batshit insane back there. I do apologize for that, don't know what could've come over me. No wait, I do. That Lucifer bastard was trying to use me to lure Archy into something, and it done worked too. We're still trying to track him down. And no, I don't remember anything that happened since I read Redlight's post like a month ago.

Shit, really? A whole month? Damn!

So once my mind was back up and running on all cylinders, Phantasm decided I needed to do some work (the horror!) and sent me on back to Archy's old hideout per Eternity's orders. Me an' Maalik (cause he's still in trouble, hehe...) go on down back there and find the house looking completely normal and with no sign of anything having happened there since I left. Boring as hell, or at least it woulda been if it wasn't for something making me feel really uneasy. Maalik sensed it too.

Going inside, we figured out why. Spatial anomalies up the whazzoo, I don't even know how to describe the crazy clusterfuck that was the inside of that house. We managed to find our way to the basement somehow, I don't even know how since we had to go up some stairs to reach it. Anyhow, in that little room where we'd chained up the serial killer man there was some shit written on the walls. In blood, of course. And there was a body. Or rather, there were body parts. Belonging to crazy serial killer man, we determined upon locating the head. It was a very sloppy job, whoever did this took no pride in their work whatsoever. I was greatly disgusted at it.

We turned to leave and found the door had scadooed. Then the writing on the walls had changed and the door relocated itself behind us. It lead into that office building, some kind of conference room to be precise. We stepped out, since we didn't have nowhere else to go and hell, we weren't lettin' that damn room change around on us again. There was a big table in the center of the room, chairs all around it, a couple dead old guys propped up in em, lookin' like the grandpa in that movie with the crazy ass hicks tryin' to eat some teenagers. Great film.

Out the windows it looked out over a cityscape, completely normal you'd never guess that the space-time all around you was being raped. Maalik was lookin' at one of the dead old dudes while I was lookin' out the window at the streets below. Little cars and people moving down the streets. Then I realized that somehow, they really were little cars and little people, we were on the ground floor and everything outside was just a little doll cityscape. Maalik yelled at me, I turned to see the dead old guys apparently weren't quite dead 'cause they had gotten to their feet now and one of them had grabbed Maalik and seemed to have a much stronger grip than you'd expect from a corpse.

Naturally, I pulled out my gun and shot into the thing's head and eventually it released Maalik. the others had mobilized by this time however and as they were in between us, well that was that. I turned and jumped thru the window, just on a gut feeling, the glass shattered and I fell. We weren't on the ground floor anymore apparently, of course it didn't look like I was outside the building either. I was falling down some kind of maintenance shaft with wires and piping all over. Then I was not falling anymore, gravity had shifted and I was now standing on one side of the shaft, with lights flickering above my head. I walked on down the shaft, having nothing better to do and out of somewhere, crazy serial killer guy jumped out and was standing right in front of me.

"Oh hallo, Ridley, hows ya doin'? It'll be a rite time we'll haff here won't it?"

I drew my knife, he was already coming at me with his. Stabbed the dude in the neck, shoulda cut the jugular, he didn't go down, puts his knife thru my hand. Son of a bitch. I kick the foo in the face, knock him back, pull the knife out and plant it firmly into his heart. He's still going, lunges at me, I fall back to dodge it and then there's a gunshot; I turn around to see Maalik behind me down the tunnel. Crazy man got, is now just gone. I look around, I'm back up in that conference type room, no dead guys around, but there is a lot of blood soaked into the carpet now. I go out the door and into a hallway. I can hear this noise sort of... tekelilili. What the balls? It's comin' from the one end, so I follow it and it keeps gettin' louder and louder til eventually I come to a door, the sound obviously coming from the other side.

So I open the door. The noise stops. And I'm looking at myself. Balls. Yes people, I walked in on myself ducking behind a barrier of office furniture trying to avoid being shot by some asswipe in a trenchcoat. The nerve. Not having been detected yet, I decided it was only proper that I help myself. So I shot trenchcoat man in the balls and went over to greet me. It's not often I run into anyone so good-looking, especially in a place like this.

"Hey there, nigga, you looking fine. What're you doing in a place like this?"

"Hey man, you too. You know how it goes, business and all that. I remember you, you're here with Maalik, right? Crazy shit."

"I don't think I like the sound of that. You mean, crazy shit now? AND I'm going to be coming back here later? That blows."

"S'how it goes. But hey, lemme help you out. You just walk on through them doors over there, you'll get to where you need to be."

"Mighty neighborly of you. Hope to be seeing you again."

Leaving myself to leave through the door I just entered through, I head on through the appointed door. To be greeted by Maalik screaming in rage. I'm in the basement and he's hacking the serial killer guy to pieces. The same pieces we saw when we first arrived maybe, but who the hell knows anymore. He looks up at me with this just blank expression on his face, and said

"I had to kill him, boss, he knew too much boss, right boss? Kill him. He knew TOO FUCKING MUCH!!!!"

Then I swear to Jeeves the sound just cut out. Like when y'all're watching them videos with the Master in them and the sound goes out? It was like that. Then I just see part of Maalik's skull get blown away and he drops to the ground. In the door behind him is that runner, the dude. Uh, Dave, he was called. Standin' there at the top of the stairs with a gun, which he fires a second time, down at me now. I try to move, but it still catches me in the shoulder. Ignoring this, I chased after him and am caught off guard by the sudden return of sound when he yells

"Shit! Sis' move it, he's coming back again!"

And then I'm back in the house, looking completely normal and I see him making for the back door, the girl already outside. I give chase, following them through the backyards for a while. Lost the bastards when we made it out of the suburbs and into the city, couldn't find em in all the damn traffic. Bastards.

Well, that was that then. I got my phone, was gonna call Phantasm and tell her I think Maalik was dead but I really had no damn clue, when I notice the date. Says it's the 19th, when we'd gone in there it was the 14th. Son of a whore. Just got back in Maine, gave the report to Phantasm. Don't know what the hell happened to Maalik, wait a couple days I guess, whatever. The runner was real enough so I suppose it coulda been that that was the real Maalik  that got shot there.

So there you go folks. Exciting isn't it? I know you're all much concerned about me, you love hearing from me don't you? I know you do.

And uh, Archangel too, cause this is like, his blog so yeah.

Stay frosty peoples, we're always watching.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Damn this shit

Phantasm here again. Eternity has arrived. Some higher up in the bureaucracy, I'm not entirely sure why he's here. He told us not to worry about Archangel, says he'll be freed when the time is right. That doesn't exactly ease my worry, since I'm aware that the relationship between Coronado and Eternity isn't exactly a friendly one. And even if that weren't the case, Eternity seems pretty shifty.

And now, this morning we got an anonymous tip that we should do something about those runners Archangel was following earlier. Not too soon after this, we finally get a report in from one of the agents we sent to investigate and verify some of Archangel's earlier reports. For one thing, they found the site where Knuckles disappeared, no black-eyed kids and no sign of Knuckles, or any of our other people for that matter, but the whole shipment that Knuckles was supposed to bring here was gone too. You don't need to know what that was. But they had also gone back to Archangel's old hideout and apparently found those two runners hiding out there. They saw our people and headed into the basement, our guys of course giving pursuit, only to find them gone. There's no way out of he cellar and it's one big open room, so there's nowhere to hide, but they managed to disappear. Also missing was the Jack the Ripper wannabe Archy had placed in stasis and tied up down there. It's possible the other two freed him, but I had been under the impression they were trying to get away from him.

This is all bullshit. Obviously, though this needs to be checked out again. I happen to have a few hard knocks lounging around here that could stand to do some real work, so I think I'll give them their new assignment.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Coronado's Gone

This is Phantasm.

So like he told y'all he's just been here chilling with us. Well, as much as he actually chills, I guess; he had Maalik punished for letting those kids find the Ark and now he's been more or less running the show around here. There's  rumors too that the Tall Man has something special planned out that he wants him to take care of personally once He it gets rolling. I guess Coronado considers that quiet, but for most of us here... well, ain't normally much going on here.

So anyway, Thursday night. I was just down in the club having a drink, nothing too much going on, it acutally was a pretty quiet night. Then there's a loud noise and the building shakes, like there was an explosion. Of course, people start freaking out like the herd of animals they are and scampering around all over the place. In the middle of it all that little bitch that Coronado's been dragging around with him runs over to me. She's babbling on about Ridley, that he shot some kind of cannon at the room and then just jumped up through the hole. Hot damn!

We head upstairs and find the door to Coronado's room closed and some kind of... static-y sound coming from the other side. It took me a minute to finally break it open, longer than it should've with the cheap ass construction we've got in this place. I fell into the room and there was nothing there. Literally nothing. An empty blackness. That static noise was still there, getting louder, and then I think there was another sound I could only just make out of the static. Something like.... sort of like "tekelili". I lost all track of time and it felt like I'd been standing there for hours.

Then suddenly I was standing there in Coronado's room. For some reason the clock on the wall was the first thing I noticed. It read 11:55. Then I realized that the room was completely intact, there was no hole in the wall where Ridley had apparently blown it up. Only thing at all out of place was that the book Coronado had been reading was lying open on the floor. I picked it up, didn't know what else to do. Coronado loves his books and wouldn'ta just dropped it on the floor, so I figured something must've actually happened. And then there was Madi. When I remembered that she followed me up there. I think she was caught in that darkness too, whatever the hell that was, and it seems to have had some effect on her, cause she was on the floor passed out.

What the hell? I mean really?

Stuff's been hectic the last few days, with Coronado gone I've had to take over here. We did finally find Ridley. Passed out in a gutter on the edge of town. When we woke him up he just started spouting some meaningless random crap. He doesn't seem to be exactly conscious, it's like he's stuck kind of half-asleep and doesn't know what's going on around him. We've got him locked up and are trying to snap him out of it and see if he'll say something that actually means anything.

This brings me to my next point. I actually read through the stuff Coronado and Ridley wrote on here. Coronado, you do love being a dramatic asshole, don't you; vaguely alluding to shit when you know what's happening here. He probably doesn't want me to tell you all this, but whatever, he isn't here right now.
The force that's been screwing with him, the angel of light, the incident that got Coronado put into Stasis. It's all the same thing. His buddy Lucifer's back. It has to be him. Damned if I know how.

Lucifer used to be one of us, worked with Coronado. Apparently volunteered for some project and got altered by the Master, went batshit. Actually bought into his namesake, said he could surpass the Tall Man, obviously failed and got killed. At least I thought so. Who knows anymore. Did succeed in injuring Coronado enough to put him into Stasis, from where he just got released.

Great shit.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What, outside? Ignore him, it is not anyth---
What? Well, you should have told me sooner. Hurry up! Go and find---

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I say! What the devil does he think...? Get out, quickly! Bring Phantasm back here! Hurry up!
Well, Ridley, to what do I owe the honor?

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Quite so? And if I protest?


Oh well, I thought as much. Hmm....
I see you have us cut off from the rest of time. He wants to face me alone without any interference, I take it. Well, this should at least prove interesting.


Well, may as well get this over with, what do you say? Come on n---


My dearest children,

It has been most dull around here since the incident at the Ark. The Master has his own personal agenda with that girl and at present my services are not required in that area.

My good friend Ridley has yet to make an appearance. That is to say, he has not directly made is presence known, but I have felt him nearby, lurking just out of sight. I know not for what purposes he has brought me back to this place, though it is most assuredly that who are whatever force may be manipulating him is doing so for the purpose of luring me here.

I am afraid of that is all I have to report to you at present, my dears. For the moment then, I must bid you adieu.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Ark

Well, there were some unexpected occurrences at The Ark last night

The plan has been, simply to meet up with Maalik, the local.... commander we could say, who had been in charge of Ridley when he was posted there. He had retained a few bits of information from the case, and I had thought we might be able to find some reason for Ridley’s returning here. We met up at the club later after I wrote that entry yesterday, and discussed the little bit of information we had available to us.

Now besides myself and Maalik, of course the girl was with me, as well as another Disciple, Phantasm, and her child, Salem. Salem is not exactly human and tends to give normal people a somewhat disturbing feeling. She insists on dragging the kid everywhere, I am sure, because she enjoys seeing how people react to it. She had not been around at the Time of the incident, but she was besides myself one of the only people that Ridley would actually bother to talk to. She was rather a bit unhappy at hearing what had happened to him, but she could not say that it was unexpected.

Now we did not manage to find out much. However we have seemed to confirm a theory I had entertained almost from the beginning, that this force that is acting against us is also related to the incident for which I was given to Slumber in the first place. What that is, well for now I feel that best remain quiet. There are certain... complications arising from the other beings. The Black-eyed Children do not like to be alone, they always travel in groups. They also generally cannot harm one until after they have been given invitation, and usually do not actually attack others themselves. The boy was by himself and was able to apparently kill Knuckles with his own power. These two things would be bad enough, but with other things that have been happening it assures us that something very much wrong is going on. Just what exactly, well, that is anyone's guess.

As we sat discussing recent events, a boy and girl came into the club who appeared to be on a date. I noticed them come in, but did not think anything much of them until Maalik pointed them out again. He said he recognized them. That boy Ridley killed had been stalking some girl, it somehow had something to do with why he had been trying to join us. The guy had had a brother also. You get one guess who this pair happened to be. Showing up at The Ark most definitely was not a coincidence. So I did a bit of reconnaissance on the situation, and while watching memories is much more difficult without physical contact, I managed to pick up enough information from the girl.

It seems Fisk overlooked one little detail when he was cleaning up here. The brother, Roman, was not too happy about the police just suddenly dropping the investigation. The girl, Fiona, wanted to help him out. There was an officer who apparently is not aware of how things roll here, and was aiding the kids in conducting their own little investigation of the situation. They managed to track some of his activity to the club, and well there they were. Maalik would have to punished for allowing such a breach twice. Still, they intrigued me. There was something about the girl, I noticed it in her memories, but it had not been clear enough for me to see during my brief scan. This place was just getting more and more interesting by the second….

Well then Salem became focused on her. The kid has some kind of sense, I cannot really describe it. Salem can… see things about people. And if the kid was so fixated on this girl then there must indeed be something special about her. Phantasm and I were discussing this development when Salem decided to go over and talk to her. The kid right freaked her out, it appeared, being right there behind her when she turned around. The boy was gone, left her alone on the dance floor. Salem started spouting the kind of cryptic nonsense that some of my colleagues seem to enjoy taunting you lot with so much. A little side effect of the kid’s condition is apparently prevents normal speech. I do not know, there are far stranger things I suppose.

Phantasm goes over and retrieves the child; she managed to act all nice and normal, but I knew she was getting a kick out of watching the girl squirm. But that was what I needed. For her to be afraid. Because afraid she was weak enough for me to see just a little bit more clearly into her memory. It was for only a brief moment, but I could see it. I knew what she could do, and it might very probably be of use to the Master. I grabbed the notebook we had collected of information on Ridley, stuffed it into my pocket and walked out of the club.

It was a nice night, clear and dark. I had a little smoke while I waited. I did not wait long, Fiona came out very soon and stopped to wait for the cop. I could see that she was rather upset and wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible. Putting out my cigarette I walked over and got her attention. She was quite frightened when she saw me there, but I could tell she was putting a fine effort into not looking like it.

“Ah, I’m sorry. You surprised me. How can I help you?”

Inspiring fear in you mortals, it never gets old. I took the notebook out of my pocket and flipped through it. There was one thing particularly I wanted to give to her. I found it and scribbled my calling sign onto the front before handing it to her.

“I was told to give this to you.”

She stared at the envelope in my hand but did not grab it. She gave a nervous little laugh, and started rambling, not really sure what to say. From her tone it was clear that she was very anxious.

“You see, my dear, this was given to an associate of mine a while ago by a young man. They had some… business together. He was a friend of yours, I believe….”

She cut me off


And grabbed the envelope, pressing it close to her. She whispered, “Thank you.”

I nodded and returned inside. The doorman had seen everything, he had a good laugh about it. Where exactly is this going? Well, I do not honestly know, but it should hopefully prove to be an interesting distraction from my other business. This girl is… interesting. I think it shall be most entertaining to bring her over. The Master wants to see her.

Back on Ridley’s case, well, we do not really have much to go on now. He was following us closely on the way here, but after the encounter with the Child I have not seen any sign of him. Madison’s blocked memory may be my only lead for the moment. Oh, and I just remembered I will have to have Maalik whipped for his incompetence in allowing The Ark to compromised in such a way twice. Even if it did lead to some rather amusing diversions. One must take responsibility for their failures, after all.