Monday, May 9, 2011

Coronado's Gone

This is Phantasm.

So like he told y'all he's just been here chilling with us. Well, as much as he actually chills, I guess; he had Maalik punished for letting those kids find the Ark and now he's been more or less running the show around here. There's  rumors too that the Tall Man has something special planned out that he wants him to take care of personally once He it gets rolling. I guess Coronado considers that quiet, but for most of us here... well, ain't normally much going on here.

So anyway, Thursday night. I was just down in the club having a drink, nothing too much going on, it acutally was a pretty quiet night. Then there's a loud noise and the building shakes, like there was an explosion. Of course, people start freaking out like the herd of animals they are and scampering around all over the place. In the middle of it all that little bitch that Coronado's been dragging around with him runs over to me. She's babbling on about Ridley, that he shot some kind of cannon at the room and then just jumped up through the hole. Hot damn!

We head upstairs and find the door to Coronado's room closed and some kind of... static-y sound coming from the other side. It took me a minute to finally break it open, longer than it should've with the cheap ass construction we've got in this place. I fell into the room and there was nothing there. Literally nothing. An empty blackness. That static noise was still there, getting louder, and then I think there was another sound I could only just make out of the static. Something like.... sort of like "tekelili". I lost all track of time and it felt like I'd been standing there for hours.

Then suddenly I was standing there in Coronado's room. For some reason the clock on the wall was the first thing I noticed. It read 11:55. Then I realized that the room was completely intact, there was no hole in the wall where Ridley had apparently blown it up. Only thing at all out of place was that the book Coronado had been reading was lying open on the floor. I picked it up, didn't know what else to do. Coronado loves his books and wouldn'ta just dropped it on the floor, so I figured something must've actually happened. And then there was Madi. When I remembered that she followed me up there. I think she was caught in that darkness too, whatever the hell that was, and it seems to have had some effect on her, cause she was on the floor passed out.

What the hell? I mean really?

Stuff's been hectic the last few days, with Coronado gone I've had to take over here. We did finally find Ridley. Passed out in a gutter on the edge of town. When we woke him up he just started spouting some meaningless random crap. He doesn't seem to be exactly conscious, it's like he's stuck kind of half-asleep and doesn't know what's going on around him. We've got him locked up and are trying to snap him out of it and see if he'll say something that actually means anything.

This brings me to my next point. I actually read through the stuff Coronado and Ridley wrote on here. Coronado, you do love being a dramatic asshole, don't you; vaguely alluding to shit when you know what's happening here. He probably doesn't want me to tell you all this, but whatever, he isn't here right now.
The force that's been screwing with him, the angel of light, the incident that got Coronado put into Stasis. It's all the same thing. His buddy Lucifer's back. It has to be him. Damned if I know how.

Lucifer used to be one of us, worked with Coronado. Apparently volunteered for some project and got altered by the Master, went batshit. Actually bought into his namesake, said he could surpass the Tall Man, obviously failed and got killed. At least I thought so. Who knows anymore. Did succeed in injuring Coronado enough to put him into Stasis, from where he just got released.

Great shit.

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