Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maine, and Interesting Happenings

My dearest children,

Recently, some events have transpired, to give an explanation of which would require the divulgence of certain information about the past. Prior to my reawakening, Ridley had been posted in a small town in Maine where there exists a certain local hangout and restaurant whose true function is to act as a meeting place or hideout for the Disciples of the Angel.

Well, around two months ago, it seems that some local hooligan had started following the Internet goings-on and gotten in his head the idea that he would make a worthy addition to the Master's great armies. After investigating some of the local residents, he discovered Ridley's status as a Disciple and began first stalking him before openly revealing himself and his desire to become a Chosen. Ridley, not being in possession of the virtue of patience, found these antics none too amusing. Sadly, my dear friend is also lacking in self-restraint and can suffer only so much abuse before he reaches his breaking point. Ridley killed the lad, followed by removing his heart and placing it in a bag with a warning. Some government operatives covered up the situation to keep too many questions from being asked and that was the end of the whole affair.

Until Ridley returned here. I have been tasked with following him. We crossed into Maine this morning and made a stop at a checkpoint where a comrade of mine, a Disciple who goes by the rather nonsensical title of "Knuckles", was awaiting us. I bade him good day and asked news of my wayward compatriot. Knuckles laughed, "I thought the Big Guy had finally offed that lunatic after the time he opened the Path up in the middle of downtown Rio." I am afraid that is a story that will have to wait for another time.

We finished our respective reports to each other and since Knuckles was also intending to do some business at the Ark, we decided to leave together. However, before leaving town it seemed we would need to make one more stop, as Knuckles had some packages that needed delivered up there, stored in an abandoned shop on the outskirts of town that the local chapter had been making use of for some time. As we neared the area, I began to feel something was off. We pulled up to the building and exited the car, Knuckles immediately shouted to someone inside to let us in. We waited several minutes with no response forthcoming and Knuckles became irritated and stormed up, shouting louder and pounded his fist on the door. 

The door toppled off its hinges and crashed to the floor. Knuckles' face grew more irate. "Those idiots, going and breaking the d----d building to pieces. When I get my hands on them..."

That was when Miss Ross saw them. She grabbed my arm and pointed them out, quite unnerved by their presence. Three young children, a boy and two girls, standing by some trees off near the corner of the building. Standing there and staring at us. That I should have not detected their presence worried me. Knuckles looked back at us then and looked to see what we were looking at.

"Huh, you think they're trying to scare us?" he says, and then begins guffawing as though he had made the most hilarious joke. The children showed no reaction to anything. Knuckles stopped laughing and his previous look of anger returned. He shouted at the children.

"Little a-----s, get the ---- lost! You're trespassing and I'll call the ----ing police on you if don't get your a---s out of here!"

A cold breeze passed over and suddenly the air did not feel quite right. The children were now looking directly at Knuckles and appeared to be paying no attention to Miss Ross and I. Suddenly, the boy spoke up.

"You're a bad man! Bad man! We don't like you. You need to go now."

Knuckles grew more irate and began advancing towards them. I glanced behind him at the empty doorway and wondered why none of his companions had come out yet. Possibly the guards had neglected their duty and run off someplace. Certainly it is not unusual that some of the lower-ranking Disciples decide to take an unauthorized vacation day. Nevertheless, I was uneasy, and whatever it was, I was sure I'd felt it somewhere before. Miss Ross felt it as well, she trembled as she clung to my arm. Turning back to Knuckles as he moved towards the children, I began telling him I thought he was behaving most unwisely but stopped short when my eye rested on the children again. Finally I caught sight of it and recognized why this presence felt so familiar.

A fragment from my previous life. It was late at night and I had just returned from work, when I heard a knock at the door. Opening it, I saw a little girl of about nine and behind her two boys perhaps a few years younger. These two remained silent throughout the encounter, but the little girl, she asked me if I had a telephone and if I allow them inside use it. I almost did so, but then suddenly stopped myself. The girl looked displeased. She insisted that I allow them in, that it was very important. Something troubled me. I had this feeling of compulsion, this feeling that I needed to let them inside, but this seemed to come from outside my own mind. She said they could not get in if I did not let them. I said I was sorry, but I could not... I was still only mortal then, and I could feel my will faltering... Then I noticed her eyes....

They were completely black. It broke whatever spell had been working on me and I drew back. The girl realized what had occurred and her expression changed to one of pure rage. She yelled at me to hurry up and let them in. Not knowing what else to do I quickly slammed the door shut and walked back into the house. For some time, I continued to hear them outside, screaming at me to let them in. I- strangely do not recall afterwards. Surely, they simply went away-

I digress. Many apologies. Continuing with our narrative of present events, I saw the children's eyes, pitch black, just the same as those I had once encountered before. The raw feeling in the air, I had felt it back then too, the moment I had noticed that girl's eyes. I should have realized this far sooner, I shouted to Knuckles, tried to warn him to stop. He did. But not because me. At that moment something else broke the unnatural silence. We heard a song. It seemed to be coming from all around us, a haunting melody the words to which elude my recollection. Then we saw them. More of the black-eyed children appeared from within the building, stepping out from the broken-down door, from around the corner, among the trees across the street. Whence they issued I was unable to tell, most seemed simply to pop into existence from thin air. There were suddenly a half dozen children around our vehicle. Altogether possibly thirty or forty of them surrounded us.

Knuckles turned back to the original trio, still training their sight directly at him. He chuckled, then became angry again, screaming more obscenities to them and resumed closing the distance between them. Something had come over him, he seemed suddenly to lose sense of all else surrounding him. He drew close to the three and raised arm, swung it at the boy's head. The boy stopped the blow with one hand and then, looking directly into Knuckle's eyes, spoke again.

"Bad man needs to go now!"

One of the girls then grabbed Knuckles' wrist and he screamed. Miss Ross whimpered. Some of the other children drew close and formed a circle around Knuckles, who had fallen to his knees, cradling his arm. It appeared to me as though his hand was missing. Some of them had moved in around Miss Ross and myself, cutting us off from the car. They did not seem to appreciate our presence here any more than my rude associate's.I did not wish to leave Knuckles but I am yet unaware of exactly what sorts of abilities the children possess. So the wisest course of course of action, I felt, was to make our retreat.

I tore open the Path and pulled Miss Ross in with me. As I had feared, the experience was a bit too much for the girl. Even that brief trip had knocked her unconscious and her body temperature had dropped so that she felt cold to touch. Having brought us close enough to our destination I carried her into town, to the Ark. She awoke about an hour ago, it seems her memory has been affected. She said she thinks she can remember something about what happened before she ended up outside that house I was staying at. But it is too faint, she cannot recall by herself, I intend to look into her mind, but she is as yet still too weak, such a thing would surely break her mind. She also keeps repeating something, too faintly to make out anything except for the words, "the Angel". It seems to not be a conscious thing, whenever I try asking her about it she cannot remember saying anything.

I fear I have blathered on far too long. Tonight I shall be meeting with some colleagues to discuss what are our actions to be regarding Ridley. There is also the matter of the packages Knuckles had intended to deliver here.  Until I return.


Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Road

My dearest children,

At present we are stopped over in New Hampshire, about to continue our drive towards Maine. There are, naturally, far quicker modes of travel available to me, but I find it always pleasant taking in the sights along the way. Additionally, I fear the girl would likely not fare well traveling via the Path. I cannot rule out the possibility either that who or what ever it was that left her outside our hideout actually wants me to bring her to the Path. We are traveling a tad slower than even I would prefer, due to the necessity of allowing Miss Ross regular meals; I being a gentleman of course would perish the thought of forcing her to survive on nothing but processed snack foods and so I have insisted on meal stops at establishments that actually serve real food. My companion has been less than enthusiastic about the arrangements I must admit, but I may be a wee stuck in my ways. We shall, hopefully, arrive at our destination early tomorrow and have assistance at the ready, should it be necessary. It just might be.

We appear to be following along the same path that Ridley took. Or, quite possibly, my compatriot has been stalking us to make sure we are following the right trail. Under normal circumstances, I should be able to sense his presence were he nearby, however it is possible that whatever entity has tampered with his mind could be cloaking him from me. We have stumbled across several clues left by him, nothing you have not already seen from him before.

"Time is Bleeding"


"Kill them all"

"Stop it the Master"


The gist of the messages themselves are obvious, but at to the purpose for which he has been leaving them, unless to simply keep us on the trail, I fail to see it. Surely he is aware that- Well, it would not do to speculate too deeply here.

Ah, my companion has finished with her dinner, it seems we shall be resuming our travels. The way she glares at me though, I find it most rude. Perhaps some more disciplining is in order.

Until next time.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My dearest children,

My compatriot has gone. Both physically and mentally, from what I have seen. I believe some entity, likely the same one we have encountered previously, is manipulating him. Towards what ends, I do not yet have enough information to speculate. Though his mind is being overridden, Ridley himself has not yet gone completely mad. I cannot say how much of his behavior is due to this entity and how much due to his own already much troubled brain. How he managed to access this blog to post that message is another factor that worries me. I do believe, however, that I have picked up on a clue and now know where it is he is heading. I shall be following along posthaste.

As far as what actually occurred, well Ridley was already beginning to crack up and decided, in his state of impaired thought, that Redlight's order to eliminate all of the runners included those two that we have picked up. From what I have gathered, he was only prevented from killing them by the timely intervention of some quite mysterious figure. The description is similar enough to that black-masked person that I can suspect that it was him, but different enough that I cannot be too certain. Regardless, it appears that he actually succeeded in besting Ridley in combat, injected him with something and carried him off. It appears that Ridley is not yet dead. This entity, whether the same black-masked one or not, may very well be the same force that has been opposing us all this time.

With those two runners presently recovering at the hospital, I have no other option but to leave them be for the moment. Our lunatic has been given over to the Master to be hallowed, as there is not much of a mind left worth saving, and is currently residing on the Other Side for safekeeping. Our past incarnation of Miss Ross shall be accompanying me on my trip being that I cannot at the moment find more suitable arrangements. It is certain that none of my coworkers in this chapter can be trusted and at any rate she is most definitely connected in some way to this other force.

I have delayed long enough, until next time.


Monday, April 25, 2011

No, please Master don't.... I was only doing it cause Redlight said so, I swear, please -you bastard just die the tall mans gonna eat you ahahahaha-  ,was only followin' orders, Master....

Not too late this time, starting to remember the sequence properly.

Alejandro my friend come on, please you gotta help me here, man. I wasn't gonna hurt em' too much, I swear I wasn't gonna kill em. Come on, I know I shouldn't have listened to Redlight, but I wouldn't have done that, you know I wouldn't do that, man.

This part is wrong, damn you, the Beast wasn't supposed to be here right now.

Please man, come o'n, help me, shit. I just wanted... I was onl y gonna screw with em a bit, keep em on their toes, I wouldn't 'a killed em, I swear.

Do it quickly won't be able to after unsyncing.

It was Redlight. Redlight wanted me to do it, please, he was fucking with my head, it's him, he's in my head! Dammit dammit dammit! Fuck! Fuck fuck! Get.... get him, please... out, Master.... Archangel come on... Redlight.... REDLIGHT! That thing.... Black King, I'll kill em, kill em all didn't mean for it, Coronado, I swear... they all just, they'll die, it kills ,the light that punk ass the ark tehy wanted me toREDLIGHT, no no not him, it wasn't I swaar please don't they; kill it thye kill it thye please Master, ,,, Master... Time. Bleeding all over,

Redlight? You really are broken, aren't you? Do I fucking look like that asshole to you?

alhgoi 8re97np8oiyf mjp8nwoakm fualidsuk666iowue;roij666


Friday, April 22, 2011


My dearest children,
I do not sleep much. It is not usually necessary. But I figured some rest would do me well after what transpired in that Nexus. But it seems I cannot take my eye off you for a minute, can I Ridley? It matters little what is going on; you are under my command, not Redlight's. The Master ceased to be amused by your antics long ago. I do not believe I shall be stepping in should the Master decide to discipline you once more.

At any rate, Ridley did give a mostly accurate report of what happened at the Nexus. That building was formerly used by the Master and was abandoned. The dimensional abnormalities created by the Master's presence should have ceased. Very clearly, they did not.

I recognized the building in the lunatic's mind and formed the impression that that may have been the case. It is not the Master that is using that location now however, for it was certainly a different kind of presence I felt there. That entity Ridley spoke of was an illusion. A rather deadly illusion, but fake all the same. Who or what ever it is that crafted the illusion I believe to have been watching us, and is 
perhaps also responsible for these unseemly posts appearing on my blog.

Returning to some old business, the girl is still here with us and we've yet to learn anything more about how she came to be here. I may bring her before the Master, but that should only be a last resort. Direct communication with Him can have some unpleasant side effects.

Until next time.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yo peoples, wassup?

Ridley here again y'all.

So things been happenin' and whatnot.

That last post. Yeah... that's an interestin' thing really... But first things first.

So me an Archangel head out to this place we saw crazyman's head. It's this office building, totally normal lookin' place. Well unless you go down into the basement and happen to notice the geometry's all wrong. Being what we do we kind of noticed it. So this basement seems to go on for some miles, and along the way there's some weird shit, like all fucked up, just stuff from all out of Time is just stuffed into this place or somethin'. You know all kinds of ancient shit and whatnot. And it's just dead silent, too, like ain't nothin' at all there, I guess. I dunno.

Anyways... so we eventually get down in this big chamber, kinda looks like part of a spaceship on StarTrek or somethin' with all these fancy computers and lights everywhere. Except there's also these random stone pillars stickin' out all over the place; and the whole room seems to be built over a lake with this little island right in the middle of it. And on the little island right in the middle of the room is a little house. And on top of the little house is a statue of... well, somethin' with tentacles and wings and some freaky shit.

Archangel goes over to one of the computers and types somethin' in (I don't know, perhaps I should pay attention?) and suddenly we're in a different room. Nice little room, very resembling of the very space in which I sit and type this. Yeah, it's a copy of Archy's place. Or at least part of it, cause then I followed him out of that room and the next room is... exactly like the office building we'd entered before. Like some big lobby and a big staircase in the center.

Now that's when that last post comes in. I was askin' Archy if we was really in the right place when we walked into that office building room. That last is just everything me and Archy said in that room.

But anyhow, what happened then was that Archy hears seomthin' and follows the sound around until... what is that gibberish on the last page, that was some kind of screeching. Archy starts runnin' around to one side of the staircase and yells at me to go around the other side and then that other voice comes through.

"the disciples of the dark one are not welcome here."

I look up and see what appears to be the creature that was on the statue, flying up above me. It dives for me and manages to scratch my arm as I try to get out of the way. Archangel is yelling something at me but I can't hear him and then the creature flies toward him. I get my knife and rush over there; Archy's ducked under the thing, but it's turned around quick and is flying back. I make to stab it but it swerves out of the way. It then hovers over the stairs, screeches again, and says that other piece

"by the light of judgement we shall hallow Time"

all without moving it's mouth. Well, really I don't think it had a mouth. Anyway it hovers over the stairs then.... I honestly don't know what the hell it was doin' then cause it just stopped, it's wings weren't movin' or nothing, it's just floating there. And it's like all quiet again and... I don't know, it's like Time just stopped like I was just standing there stuck in between one second and the next, like it just wasn't  mo0vingg but I coul.d it feel it ,feell that iaw sstuck asdn     fsl;slvvvvvvv90a8

Shit! I don't know what just came over me. That's fucked up, yo. Anyway I come to again and here Archangel yelling at me. And something happened. I was stuck there, but everything else seems to have kept going. Archangel's got blood on his face and his left arm seems to broken; in his left hand he's holdin' some kind of ... gun I guess. He throws it to me and yells at me to shoot the head. I look up and see the creature hoverin' over me wiht what appears to be a very large cut across its chest. It seems to have just noticed I wasthere when I looked up and it's about to dive for me so I aim the gun up and shoot right between its eyes. It shrieks again and then, well, it exploded.

Archangel walks over to it and looks over, then goes over to the reception desk (I said it was like a front lobby right?) and starts going through all the drawers until he finds what looked to me to be some kind of red gem, which he then proceeded to smash into tiny bits. That's where the last post cuts off at... so I think we've found the connection with that, but what it is I don't know. Archangel is recuperating at the moment and he didn't tell me nothing. And the post apparently skips over the period when I seemed to be stuck in Time.

Yeah... this shit is crazy. And it's pissin' me off, I need to get out.

Come on Master, I won't kill nobody. That stupid punk whose heart I ripped out was just pissin' me off, botherin' me all the Time. You know you didn't want him round neither, and besides it's not like Fisk's boys didn't get the whole thing straightened out.

Fuck this. Y'all stay frosty. Cause I might be goin' out tonight.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

---t know, man... You sure this is it? Only too right.

This is exactly what we saw inside his head, it should be.... hold on, it is nearby....

I don't like this shit. Good on ya. Too bad you weren't smart enough to leave off.

Come now Ridley, this is business. And I believe I hear...

tinahfdkl ;mdfilds lbfmksdfjl;ksjdf8f4iyer

What the hell? Yes indeed.

Go around there... I need to get it to-

Shit! Language, Mr. Ridley.

Move, fool! .......... There, on the ground, th-- curses!

Aw, shit, fuck fuck fuck f---  Calm down, if you please.

mo4frunfyAYIN 87yt78t238n o y98 YR  89 ys98y98

Here! Shoot the head! Oh, so cliched, it hurts.

93824 ndsahf iadsofmiua whrfi mungaewiuogasdfoiyo7i3r nnnnnnnnnnn

Fuck! .... Is it dead? Already was.

Does it look dead? Hold on I believe I have located the source of... Ah. You cunning devil, let us see how well you can oper---

Haha, asshole. But don't worry, Judas, I've got yours coming right up.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What We Have Learned

My dearest children,

Yes, I have returned. Some events have transpired recently that are difficult to explain. Others, we as yet have no explanation for. I shall attempt as best I can to recount what has happened.

First of all, however, I really must apologize for the vulgar language and behavior of my comrade. Not that it is in any different from the way all of you barbarians act, but it is most unbecoming in one who has seen the light and come over to the Black Angel. Whatever his personal failings, Ridley is one of my oldest companions (of the those yet living, I suppose), and I am grateful for his help here, though it could be desired to be under better circumstances.

As he has already informed, on the tenth of this month I engaged in combat against the man who is presently held prisoner in the cellar of this house. During the course of the engagement, he spoke several times of some, shall we say odd, things which led me to the belief that he may possess some knowledge of the current strange happenings. After having incapacitated him, I attempted to glean some information from his mind only to discover a shield in place to block my powers. Accordingly, it became necessary to use other means of getting the information we desire. Sadly, we have not learned much.

What Ridley has managed to get out of Mr. Gordon is that he is most assuredly completely insane. Whether or not some facts relating to our current business are actually locked away somewhere in that mind, I now have my doubts as to whether or not the man himself possesses any conscious knowledge of them. We do know that he was a serial killer, and was traveling with Mr. Ross and his sister, coercing them into helping him avoid the police. He then became embroiled in this whole affair as the Master was already pursuing the siblings. The first time Mr. Gordon caught sight of the Master he launched into a most foolish effort at attacking him and all three of them blacked out and woke up near this area, several hundred miles east of their previous position. The siblings have made several attempts at leaving him, but whatever other problems he may have, Mr. Gordon seems possessed of an uncanny knack for tracking. He has taken great pleasure as well in... punishing them for trying to escape from him. Most unsavory, but I feel with enough time we shall be able to bring him into line.

In other matters, there is Miss Ross, whom we discovered asleep on the porch. We have managed to ascertain that, among other things, she has no recognition of myself or the Master and seems entirely unaware of how she came to be here. She claims to remember nothing in between our waking her up on the night of the tenth and around three in the afternoon the previous day. What's more, she claims to have been staying at her apartment, in another state, and that nothing whatsoever out of the ordinary had occurred until her memory stops. This is certainly rather remarkable, but I feel rather inclined to believe what she says. If not because I have looked through her memories and seen that she is telling the truth, with no evidence at all of her memories having been tampered with, then because of the fact that at this very moment Miss Ross is also still traveling with her brother.

Yes, it appears that there is more than one of her. I am quite at a loss as to how this has occurred. A simple temporal displacement could not explain her memories, and my powers would allow me to tell if they've been altered even if I could not see how. I have no comments to make at present regarding the two posts that were made here that night, though I don't believe for a moment that they are unrelated to these events. I shall be placing tighter security on this blog to prevent such situations from recurring.

Until next time,


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Day

Hey yo, it's Rids, yeah still kickin it. Shit ain't much been happenin' lately. Pretty dull. Whitey tights down in the basement finally woke up, but he's still just about as useful as ever. I'd torture the freak a bit, but that might frighten the young lady. Slender Bender did stop by for a bit, but he didn't stay long. Though prolonged conversation with Tall Boy tends to have adverse affects on one's
mental stability.

Hopefully Archangel will be back soon, liven the place up, as long as he doesn't start going on trying to explain dimensional bleeding or whatever. But shit happening is always nice. It's even nicer when you get to make shit happen.

So why am I writing this? Cause I was bored dumbass, ain't you been payin' attention. Anyway, I or Archy will be back to update you upon the advent of shit taking place, whenever such should occur. In the meantime, though, as always:

Stay frosty people. Remember, we're always watching.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey peeps, Archibald aint' here at the moment. He's gone off to take care something or other.

Name's Ridley. 'Nother agent, hellz yeah. Slenders took me on board a while ago though not nearly so long as Archy's been around. Nobody been around as long as him, I guess, though we ain't really sure how long he has been around. I did know the guy before his accident and being put in stasis, so I was quite glad to hear of his return. Bitchin'.
Now I 'spose you wanna know what's been going on. My brah went off to check on those runners he's been assigned to. The one dude, what's his name Ben, apparently ran off from the hospital a few days ago, after his buddies who apparently ain't so much his buddies, 'cause they booked and left him. Archy decides to follow knife-man and finds him running aimlessly through the woods, screaming shit and hacking at the trees with a knife he picked up somewhere. Archangel was just watching him for a bit when he suddenly stops and looks right at him, gets this shit-eating grin and yells at him.

"Hey, asshole, you gonna come and get me or just stand around all day like a fuck- fucking, like fucking Slendershit, just fucking hanging around? Asshole, fucking fuck fucking you. Huh, Archangel?"

Archy was surprised that the guy knew his name, but he goes ahead and steps out of his cover and as soon as he does the cracker lunges at him. Archangel tries to dodge him and, well, fails and gets his ass tackled to the ground. Whitey raises the knife above his head, about to make a big show out of stabbing Archy's heart, but unfortunately for him, the theatrics give Archy enough time to throw the douchebag off of him.  He gets up and walks over to the guy, who, by the way, is coping quite well with having a big ass Slendercross carved into his back. So anyhow, Archy grabs the knife and tries to twist it away, but Benny bites a chunk out of Archy's hand. Archy backs off, crackers uses the opportunity to implement the simply excellent strategy of Masky-tackling fucking everything once more.

Archy stabs him in the gut and he goes down, but keeps spouting cryptic voodoo-shit before Archy puts him out. Then Archy goes down. Some other freak wearing a black mask comes out of nowhere and introduces Archy's skull to some blunt object. Black mask jumps on top of Archy for a second before he manages to toss him off, but then stumbles and falls over again, like he's dazed and mumbles some random shit.

And then, DUN DUN DUN DUN, yours truly appears on the scene. Slenders had me reassigned over here and throws me across the Land of Ebony Foliage to break this shit up. Yeah dawg, cause I'm just that frosty. I connect my fist with Masky's face, but he swings at me and sends me literally flying through the air and into some bushes. Balls. He jetted off into the trees and me bein' all pissed woulda gone after him but I was there for Archy and Slenders doesn't much aprpeciate it when I disobey orders.

Archy composed hisself after a few seconds and doesn't seem to remember what just happened to him, but being himself he just gets right back down to business. Says white boy has something we need, information we needed to extract from him, but there was something blocking his mind. Of course, Archy wouldn't just let it go at that, so we drag the lump back to the house. And that wasn't all that happened then, we return to find that someone had broken in, whoever had put that post up on the blog. But there was m0000re! Upon first returning to the Batcave we discovered what's her name, that runner chick, asleep on the front porch. We relocated cream-filling to the basement and then brought little miss sunshine inside to wake her up.

She's real confused at first and soon just starts freaking when she realizes she don't know where she is. Archy questions her a bit and manages to get out that she don't know how she got there and she don't recognize him either. Good shit. Anyway, I'm keepin an eye on her while Archy's off doing whatever he does. Creampuff ain't woke up since we brought him in.
Whatever. Archy wanted me to update this thing, so here you go, I think I can get along with you people.

Anyway, stay frosty, we're always watching.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What on earth?

Not this again.

Nevermind, I will deal with it tomorrow.


Damn it.

Iscariot you bastard.

Madison, I'm sorry, I tried to stop him again. But it's failing. Just like every other Time, I can't fucking touch him, the Bleeding is stopping me. It's all falling through.

I don't even know why I'm here, it's not like you'll be able to see it yet.

I'm so confused. Not entirely sure how this shit works yet. Damn, I can't think, I think it's fucking around with my thoughts. Or maybe it's him again, I can't keep him out. Fuck. I don't

Iscariot will be back soon. That stupid bastard, he thinks the Black King is telling him everything. HE knows what's really going on here, I'm sure of it, this is all just another part of whatever his twisted fucking game is. wish I could help you, but Iscariot was the one that actually had some kind of idea what was happening.

Dammit, they're back, I can hear them outside. The Bleeding is pulling me away

dontletthemtaekthelaaaastspeyeieeceeeoftheaipthna tasdf;aldskfl;askakdsggggggggggggggl;ffffffffffffffffffffff



Misere nobis.

So at long last, the game begins. And from certain persons' points of view, ends as well. Sadly, it doesn't seem my superiors will allow me to hang about for much longer here. Lucifer did so well at breaking things two years ago, it's just left for you to finish the job now. We'll be meeting one another soon enough.

Pax domini.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Short Update

My dearest children,

Mr. Ross and his sister have gotten Mr. Gordon to the hospital; they dropped him off outside to avoid questions, I think. They, meanwhile, are staying at a hotel nearby. I stopped by both locations to leave some gifts. I shall return soon to see how they liked my presents.

Until next time,


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

My dearest children,

Last night I recieved my new assignment. Nothing too unusual, really, simply stalking some of the runners and give them some fun mind games to play, but the possibilities are nearly limitless. Knock them out and move them around, wipe random pieces of their memories or something a bit more novel, should I be so inclined. My current patients are a quite unorthodox group. There are three of them and it seems they had picked up the wild idea of hunting the disciples rather than waiting around to be hunted. I must give them some points for chutzpah.

My patients are a Mr. Benjamin Gordon, a Mr. David Ross and Mr. Ross' sister, Madison.

As any proper gentleman would do, I made my presence known with a cordial greeting and attempted some small talk. They were quite suspicious of me, of course, and did not reciprocate. Mr. Gordon immediately pulled his knife and appeared just about to lunge at me when Mr. Ross grabbed him and held him back. Not quite certain yet whether or not I was "proxy", perhaps.

I started talking to them: you need my help, of course you do, you wouldn't be able to get along without me right now. Mr. Ross and his sister listened and obeyed quite as I intended, and Mr. Gordon was at first. But at the moment that I almost had them right where I wanted, he seemed dazed a moment and then snapped out of it, lunged at me with the knife. I promptly redirected his blow into his own chest. The distraction was long enough to release the others from my gaze and Miss Ross pulled a handgun but managed to empty it without coming close to hitting me. Her brother tried to ambush me with a knife, I knocked him out with a blow to the gut and put the lady to sleep.

Mr. Gordon decides he didn't get enough the first time and perhaps I did let him off easy. He comes at me again with the knife and I redirected him headfirst into a tree. Not quite unconscious, he tries to rise again and while I applaud such spirit, I had my job to do and a message to send. I picked up the knife he'd dropped, pinned him down and carved it into his back. Despite being conscious he didn't scream too much and still tried to get up again when I finished. I felt the Master wouldn't grudge me having a bit of fun with his MO and strung him up in a tree for his friends to find him. Since it was by this time quite early in the morning, no time for decent people to be out, I returned to the house and made tea.

I shall be checking in on my patients shortly. Until next time,


Monday, April 4, 2011

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My dear children,

Most pleased make your acquaintances. My name is Alejandro Dimas Valentin de Coronado and I have served faithfully under the Black Angel for many years now. Exactly how many years, you may wonder? The simple truth of the matter is that I really have no way of knowing for certain. I have lost many of the memories regarding my old life, what remains has faded greatly over the decades. It has been decades, though not all at once or all in consecutive order. From a number of indicators though, I can feel rather confident that my first encounter with the Black Angel occurred at some point during the 1930's, but it is impossible to be more precise. On the other hand, my actual time of service has been likely nearer five decades when accounting for the time I have spent, shall we say, asleep.

These are really quite interesting times we are living in at present. So many hunted at one time, surely a sign of the degradation of society. Many of you seem to believe escape is possible. So it is. You have only to come over to our side and you shall be welcomed. Outside there is only judgement ending in condemnation. He has lived uncounted lifetimes. He is patient. He is the instrument of Justice and there is no escape from his embrace. Many throughout history have attempted escape, resistance, or simple survival. Here he remains while all those have perished. This generation is depraved and certainly no better than any that have gone on before. That there are so great numbers, that you have begun banding together, that some have lived years, that you research, all this is immaterial. He has taken thousands, nay, hundreds of millions already, many times vast multitudes all at once. You are but ants. You live only so long as he is pleased to grant you time for repentance. Your knowledge will fail you, for you cannot comprehend his being.

My job is to bring you to see the light. I can tear yours minds apart, weaken your defenses until you let him inside. Repent and join us before it is too late. Rest assured, I am not one of those mask-wearing, code-spouting slaves. That is the fate that awaits those who will not submit. That is to be your judgement. It is of my own free will that I carry out his objectives, for by my own will I came to see the true light.

You cannot run. You cannot hide. We will come for you.

Until next time, my children,


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conqueror Worm

That motley drama! - oh, be sure
It shall not be forgot
With its Phantom chased forever more,
By a crowd that seize it not,
Through a circle that ever returneth in
To the self-same spot
And much of Madness and more of Sin
And Horror the soul of the plot.

Just lovely.

I shall return to check up on you all later, my dears. Until then,