Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Road

My dearest children,

At present we are stopped over in New Hampshire, about to continue our drive towards Maine. There are, naturally, far quicker modes of travel available to me, but I find it always pleasant taking in the sights along the way. Additionally, I fear the girl would likely not fare well traveling via the Path. I cannot rule out the possibility either that who or what ever it was that left her outside our hideout actually wants me to bring her to the Path. We are traveling a tad slower than even I would prefer, due to the necessity of allowing Miss Ross regular meals; I being a gentleman of course would perish the thought of forcing her to survive on nothing but processed snack foods and so I have insisted on meal stops at establishments that actually serve real food. My companion has been less than enthusiastic about the arrangements I must admit, but I may be a wee stuck in my ways. We shall, hopefully, arrive at our destination early tomorrow and have assistance at the ready, should it be necessary. It just might be.

We appear to be following along the same path that Ridley took. Or, quite possibly, my compatriot has been stalking us to make sure we are following the right trail. Under normal circumstances, I should be able to sense his presence were he nearby, however it is possible that whatever entity has tampered with his mind could be cloaking him from me. We have stumbled across several clues left by him, nothing you have not already seen from him before.

"Time is Bleeding"


"Kill them all"

"Stop it the Master"


The gist of the messages themselves are obvious, but at to the purpose for which he has been leaving them, unless to simply keep us on the trail, I fail to see it. Surely he is aware that- Well, it would not do to speculate too deeply here.

Ah, my companion has finished with her dinner, it seems we shall be resuming our travels. The way she glares at me though, I find it most rude. Perhaps some more disciplining is in order.

Until next time.


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  1. Please tell me you're just a little miffed that your pal was offed like that some THING. Alright. There is no tall man in a suit that can do that people. I refuse to believe it. This has got to be like some government mind altering drug or something from the movies that would make so much more sense than THIS.