Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Day

Hey yo, it's Rids, yeah still kickin it. Shit ain't much been happenin' lately. Pretty dull. Whitey tights down in the basement finally woke up, but he's still just about as useful as ever. I'd torture the freak a bit, but that might frighten the young lady. Slender Bender did stop by for a bit, but he didn't stay long. Though prolonged conversation with Tall Boy tends to have adverse affects on one's
mental stability.

Hopefully Archangel will be back soon, liven the place up, as long as he doesn't start going on trying to explain dimensional bleeding or whatever. But shit happening is always nice. It's even nicer when you get to make shit happen.

So why am I writing this? Cause I was bored dumbass, ain't you been payin' attention. Anyway, I or Archy will be back to update you upon the advent of shit taking place, whenever such should occur. In the meantime, though, as always:

Stay frosty people. Remember, we're always watching.

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