Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

My dearest children,

Last night I recieved my new assignment. Nothing too unusual, really, simply stalking some of the runners and give them some fun mind games to play, but the possibilities are nearly limitless. Knock them out and move them around, wipe random pieces of their memories or something a bit more novel, should I be so inclined. My current patients are a quite unorthodox group. There are three of them and it seems they had picked up the wild idea of hunting the disciples rather than waiting around to be hunted. I must give them some points for chutzpah.

My patients are a Mr. Benjamin Gordon, a Mr. David Ross and Mr. Ross' sister, Madison.

As any proper gentleman would do, I made my presence known with a cordial greeting and attempted some small talk. They were quite suspicious of me, of course, and did not reciprocate. Mr. Gordon immediately pulled his knife and appeared just about to lunge at me when Mr. Ross grabbed him and held him back. Not quite certain yet whether or not I was "proxy", perhaps.

I started talking to them: you need my help, of course you do, you wouldn't be able to get along without me right now. Mr. Ross and his sister listened and obeyed quite as I intended, and Mr. Gordon was at first. But at the moment that I almost had them right where I wanted, he seemed dazed a moment and then snapped out of it, lunged at me with the knife. I promptly redirected his blow into his own chest. The distraction was long enough to release the others from my gaze and Miss Ross pulled a handgun but managed to empty it without coming close to hitting me. Her brother tried to ambush me with a knife, I knocked him out with a blow to the gut and put the lady to sleep.

Mr. Gordon decides he didn't get enough the first time and perhaps I did let him off easy. He comes at me again with the knife and I redirected him headfirst into a tree. Not quite unconscious, he tries to rise again and while I applaud such spirit, I had my job to do and a message to send. I picked up the knife he'd dropped, pinned him down and carved it into his back. Despite being conscious he didn't scream too much and still tried to get up again when I finished. I felt the Master wouldn't grudge me having a bit of fun with his MO and strung him up in a tree for his friends to find him. Since it was by this time quite early in the morning, no time for decent people to be out, I returned to the house and made tea.

I shall be checking in on my patients shortly. Until next time,


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