Wednesday, April 20, 2011

---t know, man... You sure this is it? Only too right.

This is exactly what we saw inside his head, it should be.... hold on, it is nearby....

I don't like this shit. Good on ya. Too bad you weren't smart enough to leave off.

Come now Ridley, this is business. And I believe I hear...

tinahfdkl ;mdfilds lbfmksdfjl;ksjdf8f4iyer

What the hell? Yes indeed.

Go around there... I need to get it to-

Shit! Language, Mr. Ridley.

Move, fool! .......... There, on the ground, th-- curses!

Aw, shit, fuck fuck fuck f---  Calm down, if you please.

mo4frunfyAYIN 87yt78t238n o y98 YR  89 ys98y98

Here! Shoot the head! Oh, so cliched, it hurts.

93824 ndsahf iadsofmiua whrfi mungaewiuogasdfoiyo7i3r nnnnnnnnnnn

Fuck! .... Is it dead? Already was.

Does it look dead? Hold on I believe I have located the source of... Ah. You cunning devil, let us see how well you can oper---

Haha, asshole. But don't worry, Judas, I've got yours coming right up.

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