Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yo peoples, wassup?

Ridley here again y'all.

So things been happenin' and whatnot.

That last post. Yeah... that's an interestin' thing really... But first things first.

So me an Archangel head out to this place we saw crazyman's head. It's this office building, totally normal lookin' place. Well unless you go down into the basement and happen to notice the geometry's all wrong. Being what we do we kind of noticed it. So this basement seems to go on for some miles, and along the way there's some weird shit, like all fucked up, just stuff from all out of Time is just stuffed into this place or somethin'. You know all kinds of ancient shit and whatnot. And it's just dead silent, too, like ain't nothin' at all there, I guess. I dunno.

Anyways... so we eventually get down in this big chamber, kinda looks like part of a spaceship on StarTrek or somethin' with all these fancy computers and lights everywhere. Except there's also these random stone pillars stickin' out all over the place; and the whole room seems to be built over a lake with this little island right in the middle of it. And on the little island right in the middle of the room is a little house. And on top of the little house is a statue of... well, somethin' with tentacles and wings and some freaky shit.

Archangel goes over to one of the computers and types somethin' in (I don't know, perhaps I should pay attention?) and suddenly we're in a different room. Nice little room, very resembling of the very space in which I sit and type this. Yeah, it's a copy of Archy's place. Or at least part of it, cause then I followed him out of that room and the next room is... exactly like the office building we'd entered before. Like some big lobby and a big staircase in the center.

Now that's when that last post comes in. I was askin' Archy if we was really in the right place when we walked into that office building room. That last is just everything me and Archy said in that room.

But anyhow, what happened then was that Archy hears seomthin' and follows the sound around until... what is that gibberish on the last page, that was some kind of screeching. Archy starts runnin' around to one side of the staircase and yells at me to go around the other side and then that other voice comes through.

"the disciples of the dark one are not welcome here."

I look up and see what appears to be the creature that was on the statue, flying up above me. It dives for me and manages to scratch my arm as I try to get out of the way. Archangel is yelling something at me but I can't hear him and then the creature flies toward him. I get my knife and rush over there; Archy's ducked under the thing, but it's turned around quick and is flying back. I make to stab it but it swerves out of the way. It then hovers over the stairs, screeches again, and says that other piece

"by the light of judgement we shall hallow Time"

all without moving it's mouth. Well, really I don't think it had a mouth. Anyway it hovers over the stairs then.... I honestly don't know what the hell it was doin' then cause it just stopped, it's wings weren't movin' or nothing, it's just floating there. And it's like all quiet again and... I don't know, it's like Time just stopped like I was just standing there stuck in between one second and the next, like it just wasn't  mo0vingg but I coul.d it feel it ,feell that iaw sstuck asdn     fsl;slvvvvvvv90a8

Shit! I don't know what just came over me. That's fucked up, yo. Anyway I come to again and here Archangel yelling at me. And something happened. I was stuck there, but everything else seems to have kept going. Archangel's got blood on his face and his left arm seems to broken; in his left hand he's holdin' some kind of ... gun I guess. He throws it to me and yells at me to shoot the head. I look up and see the creature hoverin' over me wiht what appears to be a very large cut across its chest. It seems to have just noticed I wasthere when I looked up and it's about to dive for me so I aim the gun up and shoot right between its eyes. It shrieks again and then, well, it exploded.

Archangel walks over to it and looks over, then goes over to the reception desk (I said it was like a front lobby right?) and starts going through all the drawers until he finds what looked to me to be some kind of red gem, which he then proceeded to smash into tiny bits. That's where the last post cuts off at... so I think we've found the connection with that, but what it is I don't know. Archangel is recuperating at the moment and he didn't tell me nothing. And the post apparently skips over the period when I seemed to be stuck in Time.

Yeah... this shit is crazy. And it's pissin' me off, I need to get out.

Come on Master, I won't kill nobody. That stupid punk whose heart I ripped out was just pissin' me off, botherin' me all the Time. You know you didn't want him round neither, and besides it's not like Fisk's boys didn't get the whole thing straightened out.

Fuck this. Y'all stay frosty. Cause I might be goin' out tonight.

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  1. You are a lunatic.
    I look forward to ending your life.