Monday, April 25, 2011

No, please Master don't.... I was only doing it cause Redlight said so, I swear, please -you bastard just die the tall mans gonna eat you ahahahaha-  ,was only followin' orders, Master....

Not too late this time, starting to remember the sequence properly.

Alejandro my friend come on, please you gotta help me here, man. I wasn't gonna hurt em' too much, I swear I wasn't gonna kill em. Come on, I know I shouldn't have listened to Redlight, but I wouldn't have done that, you know I wouldn't do that, man.

This part is wrong, damn you, the Beast wasn't supposed to be here right now.

Please man, come o'n, help me, shit. I just wanted... I was onl y gonna screw with em a bit, keep em on their toes, I wouldn't 'a killed em, I swear.

Do it quickly won't be able to after unsyncing.

It was Redlight. Redlight wanted me to do it, please, he was fucking with my head, it's him, he's in my head! Dammit dammit dammit! Fuck! Fuck fuck! Get.... get him, please... out, Master.... Archangel come on... Redlight.... REDLIGHT! That thing.... Black King, I'll kill em, kill em all didn't mean for it, Coronado, I swear... they all just, they'll die, it kills ,the light that punk ass the ark tehy wanted me toREDLIGHT, no no not him, it wasn't I swaar please don't they; kill it thye kill it thye please Master, ,,, Master... Time. Bleeding all over,

Redlight? You really are broken, aren't you? Do I fucking look like that asshole to you?

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  1. To the tune of "The rake's song" The Decemberists
    "Ridley was killed after listening to Redlight,
    Arch was easy, he was drowned in a lake.
    The Tall One fought but was easily bested,
    I burned his soul and put the rest on a stake.
    Alright, Alright, Alright"
    Not entirely true, but may soon be.