Sunday, April 17, 2011

What We Have Learned

My dearest children,

Yes, I have returned. Some events have transpired recently that are difficult to explain. Others, we as yet have no explanation for. I shall attempt as best I can to recount what has happened.

First of all, however, I really must apologize for the vulgar language and behavior of my comrade. Not that it is in any different from the way all of you barbarians act, but it is most unbecoming in one who has seen the light and come over to the Black Angel. Whatever his personal failings, Ridley is one of my oldest companions (of the those yet living, I suppose), and I am grateful for his help here, though it could be desired to be under better circumstances.

As he has already informed, on the tenth of this month I engaged in combat against the man who is presently held prisoner in the cellar of this house. During the course of the engagement, he spoke several times of some, shall we say odd, things which led me to the belief that he may possess some knowledge of the current strange happenings. After having incapacitated him, I attempted to glean some information from his mind only to discover a shield in place to block my powers. Accordingly, it became necessary to use other means of getting the information we desire. Sadly, we have not learned much.

What Ridley has managed to get out of Mr. Gordon is that he is most assuredly completely insane. Whether or not some facts relating to our current business are actually locked away somewhere in that mind, I now have my doubts as to whether or not the man himself possesses any conscious knowledge of them. We do know that he was a serial killer, and was traveling with Mr. Ross and his sister, coercing them into helping him avoid the police. He then became embroiled in this whole affair as the Master was already pursuing the siblings. The first time Mr. Gordon caught sight of the Master he launched into a most foolish effort at attacking him and all three of them blacked out and woke up near this area, several hundred miles east of their previous position. The siblings have made several attempts at leaving him, but whatever other problems he may have, Mr. Gordon seems possessed of an uncanny knack for tracking. He has taken great pleasure as well in... punishing them for trying to escape from him. Most unsavory, but I feel with enough time we shall be able to bring him into line.

In other matters, there is Miss Ross, whom we discovered asleep on the porch. We have managed to ascertain that, among other things, she has no recognition of myself or the Master and seems entirely unaware of how she came to be here. She claims to remember nothing in between our waking her up on the night of the tenth and around three in the afternoon the previous day. What's more, she claims to have been staying at her apartment, in another state, and that nothing whatsoever out of the ordinary had occurred until her memory stops. This is certainly rather remarkable, but I feel rather inclined to believe what she says. If not because I have looked through her memories and seen that she is telling the truth, with no evidence at all of her memories having been tampered with, then because of the fact that at this very moment Miss Ross is also still traveling with her brother.

Yes, it appears that there is more than one of her. I am quite at a loss as to how this has occurred. A simple temporal displacement could not explain her memories, and my powers would allow me to tell if they've been altered even if I could not see how. I have no comments to make at present regarding the two posts that were made here that night, though I don't believe for a moment that they are unrelated to these events. I shall be placing tighter security on this blog to prevent such situations from recurring.

Until next time,


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