Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My dearest children,

My compatriot has gone. Both physically and mentally, from what I have seen. I believe some entity, likely the same one we have encountered previously, is manipulating him. Towards what ends, I do not yet have enough information to speculate. Though his mind is being overridden, Ridley himself has not yet gone completely mad. I cannot say how much of his behavior is due to this entity and how much due to his own already much troubled brain. How he managed to access this blog to post that message is another factor that worries me. I do believe, however, that I have picked up on a clue and now know where it is he is heading. I shall be following along posthaste.

As far as what actually occurred, well Ridley was already beginning to crack up and decided, in his state of impaired thought, that Redlight's order to eliminate all of the runners included those two that we have picked up. From what I have gathered, he was only prevented from killing them by the timely intervention of some quite mysterious figure. The description is similar enough to that black-masked person that I can suspect that it was him, but different enough that I cannot be too certain. Regardless, it appears that he actually succeeded in besting Ridley in combat, injected him with something and carried him off. It appears that Ridley is not yet dead. This entity, whether the same black-masked one or not, may very well be the same force that has been opposing us all this time.

With those two runners presently recovering at the hospital, I have no other option but to leave them be for the moment. Our lunatic has been given over to the Master to be hallowed, as there is not much of a mind left worth saving, and is currently residing on the Other Side for safekeeping. Our past incarnation of Miss Ross shall be accompanying me on my trip being that I cannot at the moment find more suitable arrangements. It is certain that none of my coworkers in this chapter can be trusted and at any rate she is most definitely connected in some way to this other force.

I have delayed long enough, until next time.


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