Friday, April 22, 2011


My dearest children,
I do not sleep much. It is not usually necessary. But I figured some rest would do me well after what transpired in that Nexus. But it seems I cannot take my eye off you for a minute, can I Ridley? It matters little what is going on; you are under my command, not Redlight's. The Master ceased to be amused by your antics long ago. I do not believe I shall be stepping in should the Master decide to discipline you once more.

At any rate, Ridley did give a mostly accurate report of what happened at the Nexus. That building was formerly used by the Master and was abandoned. The dimensional abnormalities created by the Master's presence should have ceased. Very clearly, they did not.

I recognized the building in the lunatic's mind and formed the impression that that may have been the case. It is not the Master that is using that location now however, for it was certainly a different kind of presence I felt there. That entity Ridley spoke of was an illusion. A rather deadly illusion, but fake all the same. Who or what ever it is that crafted the illusion I believe to have been watching us, and is 
perhaps also responsible for these unseemly posts appearing on my blog.

Returning to some old business, the girl is still here with us and we've yet to learn anything more about how she came to be here. I may bring her before the Master, but that should only be a last resort. Direct communication with Him can have some unpleasant side effects.

Until next time.


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  1. A force is appearing that looks like it could destroy him...
    Just so you know...