Monday, April 4, 2011

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My dear children,

Most pleased make your acquaintances. My name is Alejandro Dimas Valentin de Coronado and I have served faithfully under the Black Angel for many years now. Exactly how many years, you may wonder? The simple truth of the matter is that I really have no way of knowing for certain. I have lost many of the memories regarding my old life, what remains has faded greatly over the decades. It has been decades, though not all at once or all in consecutive order. From a number of indicators though, I can feel rather confident that my first encounter with the Black Angel occurred at some point during the 1930's, but it is impossible to be more precise. On the other hand, my actual time of service has been likely nearer five decades when accounting for the time I have spent, shall we say, asleep.

These are really quite interesting times we are living in at present. So many hunted at one time, surely a sign of the degradation of society. Many of you seem to believe escape is possible. So it is. You have only to come over to our side and you shall be welcomed. Outside there is only judgement ending in condemnation. He has lived uncounted lifetimes. He is patient. He is the instrument of Justice and there is no escape from his embrace. Many throughout history have attempted escape, resistance, or simple survival. Here he remains while all those have perished. This generation is depraved and certainly no better than any that have gone on before. That there are so great numbers, that you have begun banding together, that some have lived years, that you research, all this is immaterial. He has taken thousands, nay, hundreds of millions already, many times vast multitudes all at once. You are but ants. You live only so long as he is pleased to grant you time for repentance. Your knowledge will fail you, for you cannot comprehend his being.

My job is to bring you to see the light. I can tear yours minds apart, weaken your defenses until you let him inside. Repent and join us before it is too late. Rest assured, I am not one of those mask-wearing, code-spouting slaves. That is the fate that awaits those who will not submit. That is to be your judgement. It is of my own free will that I carry out his objectives, for by my own will I came to see the true light.

You cannot run. You cannot hide. We will come for you.

Until next time, my children,



  1. Lucky for me then that he wants me alive, for some reason. I don't need to run, I don't need to hide. He poses no threat to me.

  2. Even if you speak the truth,
    Even if our fight is hopeless,
    Even if there is no chance for use to defeat Him and make a better world,
    I shall stand against you.
    I shall die fighting.
    I will give my life to purify the world.

  3. You give your life for nothing.

    You don't know where to aim your blades.


  4. hey asshole,

    why don't you go weave through the mysteries of time, back to a spot where you're behind your previous self, who is just about to bend over

    and go fuck yourself

  5. No honorable death in battle, fighting the tides of darkness is wasted.
    For whne I die, perhaps my soul shall ascend to Valhalla, and I will lead the armies of the dead against you all.

  6. If I get a crowd of proxies following me, I might as well follow a few myself and see how fucked up you are.

    You're not winning any prizes, sad to say.