Saturday, May 14, 2011

Damn this shit

Phantasm here again. Eternity has arrived. Some higher up in the bureaucracy, I'm not entirely sure why he's here. He told us not to worry about Archangel, says he'll be freed when the time is right. That doesn't exactly ease my worry, since I'm aware that the relationship between Coronado and Eternity isn't exactly a friendly one. And even if that weren't the case, Eternity seems pretty shifty.

And now, this morning we got an anonymous tip that we should do something about those runners Archangel was following earlier. Not too soon after this, we finally get a report in from one of the agents we sent to investigate and verify some of Archangel's earlier reports. For one thing, they found the site where Knuckles disappeared, no black-eyed kids and no sign of Knuckles, or any of our other people for that matter, but the whole shipment that Knuckles was supposed to bring here was gone too. You don't need to know what that was. But they had also gone back to Archangel's old hideout and apparently found those two runners hiding out there. They saw our people and headed into the basement, our guys of course giving pursuit, only to find them gone. There's no way out of he cellar and it's one big open room, so there's nowhere to hide, but they managed to disappear. Also missing was the Jack the Ripper wannabe Archy had placed in stasis and tied up down there. It's possible the other two freed him, but I had been under the impression they were trying to get away from him.

This is all bullshit. Obviously, though this needs to be checked out again. I happen to have a few hard knocks lounging around here that could stand to do some real work, so I think I'll give them their new assignment.

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