Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, I go off on other business for a few days and what do I find upon my return? Fiona has managed to get herself into a bit of trouble with this 'Rise' character (Rise? honestly?), and now Konaa is staying at her house. How very inappropriate. It seems I cannot take my eye of that child for a minute. This could possibly be an inconvenience and I simply could not allow this to stand.

Konaa was looking for the Ark. Instead, it seems he got a another little run-in with Ridley. Well, almost. The Master appears to have been rather less than amused by Ridley's antics and promptly sent him into a time-out. Ridley, Ridley, Ridley, when will you learn? At any rate, following this little encounter, they headed back to Fiona's house, where I was waiting. While we awaited their return, Dolly requested that I tell her some stories. So I dove into tales about some of the Master's classic victories. The descent into madness of Logan Renault and Damien O'Connor, the blasphemies of Ezekiel Strahm, the eternal chase we allow the man who you know as M. For a more recent wonderful ending, I told her of the fall and death of Zero. Such wonderful stories, each one brings a tear to my eye when I think back to how awesomely the Master is able to use His powers against the blasphemers. Yet somehow she seemed rather less than enthused at such stories, complained that there was not enough blood and death.

I was just about to launch into another story, about one of those idiotic cults that seem to spring up here and there, and about how a whole town of them was wiped out back in the twenties, it is a good one, perhaps I shall tell you all sometime, when finally they returned and arguing rather a bit too loudly as well. From what I could make out Konaa wished to return home and Fiona did not think he was well enough to leave just yet. I am not one to disagree when a wise decision has been made, especially by an enemy and so I interjected that I thought the boy was perfectly alright and should be on his way as soon as possible. They seemed a bit surprised by my presence. I would expect such things out of that blasphemer, but really Fiona, have I not taught you better than that?

Again, clearly I need to be spending less time on my other duties. The Princess still has so much to learn it seems. Konaa was rather visibly irritated with my presence. I had never even met the boy before, yet I felt such an aura of hate towards me; my, and I thought Ridley was the one he disliked. There is something interesting about this one, I would have loved to check out some of his memories, but alas I had not the chance. My powers are rather limited in their nature and I felt to advance upon this one would not be helpful towards the outcome I wished for. I repeated to Fiona that clearly the boy was doing very well and we should respect his wish to leave. Eventually, she agreed and Mr. Konaa was, rather unhappily I think, on his way.

So, with that distraction as well as most others out of the way, I am now free to focus on my business here. I think I will punish Ridley some more, he needs to learn to follow directions and to not stir up trouble around the Princess. It creates needless complications. However, I shall attempt to have you sent someplace else as soon as possible.

Not to Boston. Nowhere near Boston.


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