Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lost Time, part II, draft 1

I do believe they are starting to get to me. How could I not notice that it has been a week? They are good, very good, to be able to cloak their temporal manipulations from me. Now two days gone in only a couple of hours, it could not have been more than five or six hours since I wrote that last post.

I should have... I could still remember it then, but all of it is gone now. Whatever happened to the Black-Eyes, and anything else following Ridley's arrival with the girl. She is no longer here with us, I am sure of that much. If what I think has happened is true, then we are danger of a paradox occurring. Ridley's memory does not seem to be affected as mine is, or so he claims. If he attempts to jog my memory of anything that is not already in my previous post well, odd things start to happen. Needless to say that something is preventing me from learning of whatever may have transpired.

What did I leave you all hanging for? Lucifer is bending the temporal stream, he is here now facing off against what I am certain is the he that the Child had been rambling about. There is danger from the dimensional bleeding as well, things are moving far out of control. The first battle has taken place.

Ridley and I had to abandon the house, it has become clear that someway or other it has become a nexus point, the place where various sites with extradimensional properties become connected. I believe this may be Lucifer's doing, in an attempt to keep track of me. Lucifer and he arrived outside and began raising hell. We... honestly I am not quite sure what we were doing... Lucifer noticed our presence but...

Damn, it is starting to slip away again, must be quick. The Child was there, I do recall now, and he was distracted by it, breaking off from his battle with Lucifer to attack the Child. Lucifer and noted our presence there and made a lunge at us. He was displeased with how things had been left between us, and now determined that if I could not be used in his plans then there was no point in keeping me alive. For whatever power he may claim to have though, at the end of the day Lucifer is still, more or less, only human. Ridley brought him down by emptying a round into his chest. On my end I decided that this whole business had gone on long enough and that we should soon be getting to the bottom of this. Lucifer was still conscious and quite furious, so I knocked him out with my cane.
Now I was ready to take care of business, namely sifting through Lucifer's memory to try for some answers. I did not expect his mind to be unguarded but I also knew that Lucufer would not have made more than a half-assed attempt at protecting himself as he would believe I would never be able to get close enough to him to actually use my power. I had just started to actually get through and could see a few things when my concentration was broken.

You see, after shooting Lucifer, Ridley decided to take him on. Unfortunately, the Child did not take particularly kindly to Ridley's presence and tried to take the both of them on. He made an attempt at killing them quickly by just unleashing some kind of bright light. It did absolutely nothing; I am really not sure what it was supposed to be doing; it did, however, succeed in making Ridley quite cross so that he tackled him with a knife. Cutting an eldritch entity with a hunting knife is not a particularly wise course of action as you can probably guess, and he grabbed Ridley and stabbed him with his fingers. Ridley, being himself, naturally did not give up even with his fingers stuck in his chest, and now swiped at his wrist with the knife. Gold 'blood' began pouring from the wound and one could see it begin to dissolve upon coming into contact with Ridley's skin. He looked to be in pain now, but continued stabbing until he realized that his knife had melted, at which point he kicked him off and rolled away to actually try to get the 'blood' off before it ate through him.

He  did not appear very happy about having his precious blood spilt and would have tried something more deadly on Ridley if not for the Child's reappearance. The Child jumped onto his back and there was a darkness upon the area which I recognized all too well by now. I was going to grab Ridley before he did something stupid but then Lucifer pulled himself up. Admittedly, I cursed some as it appeared he was going to attack again, but then something unexpected happened. The Path opened up suddenly behind Lucifer and he, in trying to get away from it, stumbled backwards and fell into the Path, which then closed.

}==The Angel, it... broke? Reality shattered... the Bleeding came through...

}==There is Emptiness

what have you forgotten coronado? something is still missing...

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