Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hush My Child

"So, you have been lying to me then, have you? Do not try that act on me again, it shall not work anymore. I should have seen it from the start really, but they planned for that, hmm? They were inside my head the whole time, tainting my thoughts, keeping me from seeing what was really going on. And then there is you. The Children are not capable of the things you can do, are they? Something else I should have seen, I would have realized if my mind had been clear. But I can see it well enough now.

You come from that place, am I right child? Yes, yes, I thought as much. Well it is a great help to us, indeed. If that place is involved, then I now know who it is that is coming after us. It is still puzzling though. Some of the pieces still do not quite fit. You do look just like her, but then if they have been messing with my memories this long, then it is quite easily explained.

It did really happen, I am sure of that much. No, I am sure you know how the Master feels about that incident. He did nothing to save them then, he will do nothing special for us now. Perhaps, perhaps. It would be a perfectly logical action, but logic does not often account for much in this business. Possibly, but it would be best not to discuss this now. It is late, you should be getting to bed. Very well, yes, I shall read you a story first. How about Mr. Lovecraft's 'The Hound'?"


"C'mon dammit, pick up! Boss? Yeah, we might have a problem, I think he knows I'm here. He's just in there talking to himself again. No, no I--- wait, what the fuck was that? Hold on.


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"---there? Carter, dammit, what the fuck just happened? Carter!---"




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