Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nothing exists?

How trite. Fortunately, I place little enough weight on Lucifer's ramblings. But I find myself doubting just how much he was either a traitor or a madman. Depending on how much of what I saw really happened...?

That's not like you, Archangel. Denial. I don't believe for an instant that Eternity actually has that strong a hold over you.

This game has ended. The ceremony took place without a hitch. We gathered at that building, which seemed to be the nexus of some sort of dimensional bleeding. Ridley and his men arrived with Mr. Ross, his sister and the masked man in tow just as Lucifer stepped out of the Other Side with the second Miss Ross. Needless to say that there was a touch of confusion among Mr. Ross and his sister(s) when they all met one another. It didn't last too long though; it seems they've all become quite accustomed to the temporal shenanigans that have been occurring.

Without a hitch? I suppose you consider the priest trying to kill Eternity and, ahem, another party almost taking yours and Ridley's heads to be just business as usual? What am I saying, of course you do.

Lucifer attempted to bargain for returning Miss Ross to us, but Eternity was having none of that. Lucifer became violent and made an attempt at assaulting Eternity, which proved unwise, as Eternity quickly disposed of him. Miss Ross, the time-displaced one, then leapt towards her future self and threw her over the balcony. She was killed instantly.

Certainly doesn't seem that you thought it went as well as you made it sound.

From there the situation only got more out of hand. The formerly-masked man attacked Miss Ross and her brother attempted to restrain him, and through some means or other it seems both of them ended up dead. I was already at the time attempting to seal the bleeding. Lucifer managed to return and made a second attempt at Eternity. The Master stepped in and in his mercy left him alive after removing most of his powers. The building began to shift and something else came of the bleeding and killed Eternity.

If only it were so. At this point, I wouldn't trust anything this bastard says. It was that priest that got involved, but he didn't manage to kill Eternity, whatever that thin white devil may want you to believe. Oh, I got in on the act as well, both of me, though the other one was of course far less sophisticated in his methods. Almost managed to get Ridley's head. I was this damn close. Poor Dave, though. Even I shudder remembering what Slenders did to him. Would have gotten us too, if that priest hadn't managed to pull us out of there. Shit. And Archangel, no matter what bullshit you've had pumped into your head, you didn't do whatever you think you did. I'm not really up on all this dimensional bleeding tomfoolery, but I might be persuaded to be pretty damn sure they actually made you do the opposite of whatever you intended. 

I can't complain because I wouldn't have been here in the first place if you hadn't jacked everything up, but... Actually, no, I think I will complain. It would have been better if this hadn't happened. You actually caused the bleeding. Is it some kind of frigging paradox? I don't know how that crap works, but somehow, whatever you did actually caused the incident two years ago as well. This is just too much shit for me. If I could figure out who it is that's screwing with your memories...

The ceremony was completed, at least, though not without trouble. The Bleeding became more violent the more I tried to seal the breaches. There was            keep keep tellling
go on
There was one moment where it appeared all would be lost, when a breach I had already sealedd9 I ripped open one of the seals to allow the bbledig n to flow m0rr frrelly as i        looekd back algon the time dtream II coudl se myse
wron g story
tha tiwas the one that tried to kill me taht time

It was you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Get out.

Oh? Or what?

You know well enough.

And you know well enough you won't be able to kill me. After what's become of my body, I don't think I fear any man.

The Dark Lord will-

Yes, but he is no man and he will not listen to your orders. Your own powers far surpass those of your pawns but you couldn't fight off that old man. He almost managed to kill you, perhaps I'll try my hand at finishing the job.


Rather frightening. You oughtn't to be wasting your energy with such idle displays, though. But before I kill you, I think I'm curious enough to try to figure out what you're hiding, exactly. Be seeing you.

Didn't even try to catch me? Shame. Have I cracked your hold on the Archangel? I think I'll try another, thanks.

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