Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear, dear...

Ridley, my friend, time paradoxes are not good things, you know. Should you arrive when I am not around, please do not attempt to go through with the procedure yourself. We would like to avoid a repeat of what happened in... well, nearly every other time something like this has been attempted.

Oh, and watch out when you get to that rest stop, the man in the black mask will be waiting for you. And you want to know why you think he is familiar? You do remember this incident, no? I was attacked by a rather odd gentleman, he returned to the house and wrote on my blog? When you first showed up and when we found Madison. Yes, I do know more, but I do not have to tell you all now do I?

You want a taste? Fine, Lucifer was not real. He was never real. You all recall how the Master skillfully and brilliantly distracted you all with that nonsense about the revenants? That is all Lucifer ever was, a distraction. Albeit for a target a bit more powerful and resourceful than you mortal blasphemers, and one that required a bit of convincing that he was actually fighting what he thought he was. Hence, my capture at the hands of that fool. And perhaps we threw a bit of retconning through the timestream in there as well. It did work rather marvelously, I must admit. Of course he caught on eventually and we did end up having to terminate Lucifer a bit earlier than planned, but alas he was from the beginning but a pawn to be sacrificed, so it was no real loss. The time paradox? No, sorry, no time to explain right now, there is business that we must attend to.

Come along my dear, we are going to go see our good friend Cross. One of our compatriots has fallen by his hand and for that there must be retribution. Oh, I do hope that he is reading this. I know what he is planning and I know where to find him.Yes, yes, come along child, we really should be setting off if we want to reach him in time.

Time. Everything just keeps coming back to time, doesn't it?


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