Friday, June 3, 2011

Lost Time part II

I do believe they are starting to get to me. How could I not notice that it has been a week? They are good, very good, to be able to cloak their temporal manipulations from me. Now two days gone in only a couple of hours, it could not have been more than five or six hours since I wrote that last post.

Right now I have but a temporary and very short respite. A brief recap of events shall we?

Lucifer and he  appeared, along with that Black-Eyed boy I had spoken to before. Lucifer and he were fighting each other until they saw where they had come out of the nexus at. Lucifer broke off to face me and then he attacked the Child. Lucifer attempted to land several punches against me, which I blocked simply using my cane, then struck him in the jaw. However, it seems I fell into a bit a trap and he managed to land his next blow. It was nothing serious and I quickly recovered myself; we continued fighting for a while.

Meanwhile Ridley, feeling he needed to kill something or get himself killed, lunged at him as well, with his hunting knife already drawn and ready to cut into something. He cut into his wrist and gold 'blood' was spilling everywhere, and dissolving just about everything that came into contact with it, including Ridley's flesh, and that of the Child. The Child became enraged at this at jumped onto his back when a shadow I recognized too well fell over the area and a cold wind began to blow. All was plunged into darkness all of a sudden, and of what followed I am uncertain. I was hit by something, and I believe I may have opened a gateway and escaped for the next thing I realized I was back inside. The normal daylight had returned, he and the Child were gone, leaving only myself with Ridley and Lucifer. Ridley seemed not to have sustained much injury, merely what he had acquired from his blood. Lucifer and myself however had come out of it rather the worse for wear. Lucifer was now missing an arm, and would then have fallen to Ridley's tender mercies had he not managed to exit back into the nexus. For my own injuries it appeared that something had broken my arm, possibly trying to tear it off as it had done to Lucifer. The cause of which is still unknown.

Thus, the first battle is done, its outcome remains in question. Temporal energies are still fluctuating and dimensional tearing is getting worse. One of the pieces may have been removed from the board. Uncertain. Too many unknown factors still remain.

I do not know, I feel something is going to happen again soon. The second battle may not be far off.


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