Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everything Is Fine

Ridley, I know I am rather late, but honestly, letting yourself get beaten by that Konaa brat. You are making us all look bad here. What are you doing anyway? I know you have finally captured those two runners, but you have not updated your blog. What are you doing?

Meanwhile, things have been rather uneventful. The Princess is busy getting caught up on schoolwork, and I suppose a good education is important, so I really have not had much to do. Phantasm is very unhappy that Salem is in Boston with Ridley, nobody knows how the kid managed to get there and nobody even realized that the kid was missing until somebody looked at Ridley's blog and saw Ridley mention it. Phantasm called Ridley to yell at him, but it is not as though he can do anything about it now. That kid is a strange one alright.

Oh, that last post, the nursery rhyme? There is not anything to worry about. That was just the girl. I do not know how she got into my account, but then I do not know how she got here to begin with. She could have been following me for quite some time now even; no one else can see her here, it is possible that she has been hidden from me as well up until now. The little Black-Eyed girl. The same one that came to me all those years ago, before I joined the Master. Has she been following me this whole time? If I am not mistaken then the Children do not age, but I did not think they were immortal. I do not know what is going on now, I thought it was all tied to Lucifer but he is dead now.

I have heard rumors that Cross will be passing through here on his way back from business in Europe. I never did like him much, there is something that he is hiding from all of us, even from the Master. He is an untrustworthy sort.

Oh, right, none of you know about Cross, do you? Of course not, he is not the type to leave records of his presence. Heh, I am sure he will not be amused that I have written this. It matters not though, I am his superior, it is not as though he can do anything about it.

That will be all now. Fiona is finished with her tutor for the day and will be in to see what I am doing on her computer again. Must not have her finding my little blog just yet now can we?


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