Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From the Ark

Hello, hello, my dears.

I am at the Ark now and have just recently begun my new assignment. You all remember the first time I was here, do you not? Good. You will recall, then, that there was that girl here, investigating the death of some punk who was bothering Ridley about getting into our little circle here. Ridley was not happy about being pestered by this child and promptly separated the lad from some of his vital organs. Some of our dear boys came and cleaned house, but it seems they missed this little girl, and then the Master began to take an interest in her.

Well our dear Princess returned from after a week in the Master's domain. Honestly, what is it with you people and your blogs, ? It has been such a long time, I scarcely remember... but I digress. As you can see, the Master has taken a rather very different approach than normal with this one, and she has come over to us quite readily.

So, you may be wondering what am I to do in all this? Compliments of her dear 'Prince', is to recieve an inheritance from her dear departed mother. It was such a tragic accident. I am to serve as an... executor; someone must keep the money safe until our Princess is ready to recieve it. I might perhaps act in the role of a mentor even, imparting some of the wisdom I have gained through my years of servitude to our glorious Black King. After all, the children are our future.

Well, first things first of course, I had would have to introduce myself. Properly, I mean; that little encounter outside the Ark does not count, and was over a month ago besides. So I headed straightaway across this little town to Fiona's neighborhood. I was expected, Mr. Adalheidis had already received word of his ex-wife's death, and so I was let right on in. I laid down the details for him: Fiona's mother left her a very large sum of money in her will, however as she is a minor I was to have control over the money. She would be granted an allowance, so long as I see fit. Fiona entered then, her look of shock a delicious indication that she still remembered me. However, I believe she recognized that surely I must be a subject of her dear ‘Prince’, and she sat down to listen as I explained the situation.

She appeared quite joyous at the news, though of course she was very unhappy to hear of her dear mother’s death. She remained a bit distrustful of me I could see, remembering that night at the Ark. Needless complications; I shall remedy that easily at the soonest possible convenience. Dear old father remained wary as well, sensible chap, I will grant him that, but some things are best to take care of sooner rather than later. Not quite as simple as I would have hoped since the man should have no reason to distrust me. It is possibly nothing, but I shall keep an eye on that one…

And so you have the situation as it stands for the moment. I shall be returning to see Fiona again soon, to... help her find some ways to use her inheritance. For starters, I believe a princess should have a palace, and there is a just lovely old place outside town that should suit the Master's purposes. Hmmm.... come to think of it, this place is lacking an owner now that old Maalik is dead, perhaps....

Well, I must bit you all adieu, dear readers. It has been a fine day in which business has been conducted, and one needs be well rested to keep one step ahead of one's enemies.


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