Saturday, June 4, 2011

aeifklhsdafi---yo, what the hell is that?

I am rather busy over here! What are you babbling about?

That! What the fuck is that!?

I do not know to what you are referring! I see nothing!

Ridley! Archangel! That creature is coming back! Get out of the way!

Oh, bother.


8923rhfadsfjdhy82n83 rm[[asdf9]]

And so we bring you Carthage.

The Angels of the Tall One devoured by the Light.

Yes, I do believe I have heard that one before. Would you care to try devouring me again?

Blackness reigns.

What the hell is he talking about now?

Ignore it. There's too much Bleeding here, it's going to break soon.


What was that? Who is Dolly?

ioadsufk34in v8iuq384]]q//a//0rf9

Break it now?

Archy, you crazy bastard don't even think about it!

I believe you may have something there. Hehehe...

Agents of Madness! You would not dare....

Oh, how wrong you are. It is rather easy, just li----

Coronado you bastard, going and ruining all our fun like that. Nevermind, you've accomplished naught.

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